Friday, April 24, 2009

what do u see?

How a simple ad put ideas in some people’s head.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear Zachary

Watch Dear Zachary.
Though it is sad and heartbreaking, it is a beautiful movie that we all could learn something about.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

in a million?

The moment they announced “Amylea” my heart just sank. Wth? I felt slightly disappointed, though I am sure she felt it million times more. Her expression says it all. Kudos to her for being so poised and calm on stage and I am sure that is not an easy thing to do. I would have cried my mascara out. *grins*

Though I am sad to see Amylea go, I am HAPPY because it is very apparent who deserves to be in the final no? Come on people. Don’t you want to have a FANTASTIC final where two very talented people going all out? I’m sure Esther and Tomok has PLENTY more to offer and I just cannot wait to see what they will do.

For the other two, well… it’s the same thing week after week and I don’t know how long more can I take that screeching sound. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is talented for not many people would be able to hit that note. I’m just saying that is all he’s been doing. As for the other one, he just looked so lost on stage. Someone should give him a map.


Oh well.

Since the last entry, nothing much has happened. Work is work. Life is pretty much one continuous routine. I’ve been sleeping early these days, which is a good thing. BUT I’ve been waking up late too which explains the every morning rush at home. The funny bit is; everyone at home wakes up late these days too.

After my shower, I will start with my makeup while waiting for my brother to finish before Ekiel starts his morning ritual. Sometimes, you’ll see me with a half eyebrow done dragging the still sleeping Ekiel to the bathroom because I have to make sure Ekiel is ready before my sister starts her morning ritual. Yes, we have that many people in one house and there is only one bathroom with a water heater.

Ekiel is now learning to use his socks and school shoes. It’s a good thing I know. But when you’re late and he is still trying to figure out which bit of the sock is for the sole and what not, you’d want to pull your hair too. At least he remembers his bag now unlike that one time when he assumed I would bring it into the car, which I forgot, and when he realize it, he screamed his heart and mine jumped out from my body. Thank goodness we were only few steps away from home.

It’s a good adrenaline rush though *grins*.

Maybe it’s just me, but these days I see many people with really funky hairstyle. And that is not a good thing. The colors and style was just beyond my wildest imagination. And I really mean beyond. So yesterday, my friend told me to check out the dude with the cool hairdo. Thinking my friend have better *ahem* taste than that, I turned only to find a guy with almost waist length, straight blonde hair. I nearly choke on my coke. His whom I assume is his girlfriend dyed her hair orange-y red.

Girlfriend won the worst hair colour round while the boyfriend won the best hair.

How can that be cool? Worst thing was he wanted to color his hair exactly the same blonde color. *freaks out* Since I believe you should do what you think is right, I just shrugged the idea and said, “If you think it’s okay, then okay larr tu”.

I should have heard the fashion police siren blasting when earlier he said the best hairstyle he had was the Alleycats’ hairdo.

Even my cousin has this “to the left to the left” hairdo. It’s like he stood in the middle of a storm and the hair got so freaked out, it stayed that way forever. The hair is very useful as a “Left” signage.

“Just walk straight ahead and when you see the “hair” you just follow the way it is pointing.”Hee.

Enjoy your weekend peeps.
I know I will.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday binge

We celebrated my youngest brother's birthday today. Actual date was Friday but we postponed it to today.

I can't believe he is 20 already. I thought he was only 19! *gasps*

Mom baked a delicious homemade carrot walnut cheese cake! DELICIOUS!!!
Can someone actually burst with too much birthday cake? It has so much love, it is very irresistable. *sighs*

I have no self control when it comes to my mom's cooking.
*head hangs in shame*

Even Ekiel stuffed himself so much with dinner, dessert and cake, he complained the whole night about stomach ache and visited the washroom three times! Hee. His stomach is so round like a mini dugong.

Yes, like mommy like son.

Last Sunday evening...

Sights like these makes those headaches go away…
@Waterfront KK

wish I had a better camera/camera phone.

Last weekend

The whole weekend crawled painfully. Working only made it worse but after the whole deal is over; you’d realized it is not that bad after all. Tiring? Sure. Headache? Definitely. Will I do it again? Well, I don’t have a choice do I?

I just dislike it when you do everything singlehandedly correct and something beyond your control happened, people just focus and remember that for a very long time. *sighs*Why do I care so much? I don’t really but some people are just pissing me off with their accusing questions when they are not doing anything at all!

*thinks happy thoughts*

For some reason, I am so into One In A Million this season. Maybe because the contestants were different from the usual reality show participants we see year after year, show after show. I guess my need for change is still taunting me and when I see something different, I get very excited. Hee.

Yes, I am still thinking of a new hobby.

Anyway, I was surprised to see Esther at the bottom three last week. Wth? I wonder what happen to all the loyal Sabahan sms voters? With the two Sabahan contestants out from AF.7, who else are they voting for?

I know reality show is not about kenegerian and what not. BUT it is a known fact that this is the reality of reality shows and Sabah is always the top of the list when it comes to SMS votes. Unless there are people who actually voted NO for Esther which is so very the money-making strategy by some people if you ask me. Well, IT IS NOT their FAULT if some voters actually buy that gimmick kan?

Though I do think Esther’s performance was a little too much, I still think she deserves to be in the final because she is awesome. Though Tomok’s performance is pretty much the same week after week, but he still performs brilliantly, and same goes with Amylea though she has her up and down moments, she is still very good too.

We need to give these people a chance.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I have goosebumps listening to her.
Wish I can "rock it" like her.

I still hope Allison or Anoop with AI8 though I have a good feeling it will be between Adam & Danny kan?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Today is just one of those days.

Everything just went downhill after my cup of coffee. Down DOWN hill.
First the mixed up group. Next the witch. Then running around like a headless chicken looking for some people who were not supposed to be entertained in the first place. *rolls eyes*

Headache worr. Too much drama is not good for the mind.
Maybe the full moon has something to do with it.

So not looking forward for the weekend with the many things to do.
Why can’t we just skip the whole week.

Now, where can I get one of those universal remote like “Click”?
Hee… yes people, you can wrap it up for my Christmas pressie!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

love & snails

I was doing laundry the other day when Ekiel told me there’s something in the pail. He pestered me to have a look, so I went to peek thinking it was just some bug.
However, sticking on the pail were two garden snails making love. *LOL* Do you call it love making? *thinks hard* Reproduction activity? Hee.

Ekiel: Mommy, what is that?
Me: Oh, siput babi bah this.
Ekiel: What they doing?
Me: Err… they’re dancing.
Ekiel: Why they dancing? No music?
Me: Got, you cannot hear.
Ekiel: Because they small?
Me: Eh, enough larr you this. So many questions.

The whole reproduction process was weird though. Ekiel and I squat down to see one garden snail produce a marble like thingy while the other garden snail “swallow” it and vice versa.

The first thing that crossed my mind was, “wah, so very the fair and square one”. Hee. Wish all relations are like that though. Not just one sided bit.

The other day, a friend said something that made me think. His gf wanted to get her fifth tattoo but he didn’t like the idea because according to him, her aura will be bigger than his and he would not be able to control it.

I know that may not make sense to a lot of people, but he does have a point – balance. Everything is about balance. Give and take. *wonders why am I talking about this*

Monday, April 06, 2009

surprise surprise

What? No more Sabahan contestants in AF.7? *gasps* OMG. What will most of us do on a Saturday night? *LOL*

Honestly I am surprised As.tro was willing to let go both students this week. You would think they’d keep at least one student to let the SMSes coming in. Maybe our vote tidak laku sudah bah kan? Hee.

Oh well.

So people. Let’s keep the dreams of other (where in my opinion is more talented and deserving) hopefuls alive.

Jai Ho - Pussycat Dolls

OMG. How cool is this?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Something for the PCA

I am so freaking happy when I am able to unload some of the unnecessary headaches.

Maybe this week I’ll hit the Jackpot too kan?

The much awaited Palliative Care Association’s 9th Annual Charity Dinner & Concert 2009 is happening on the 29th May 2009. Everyone knows that the PCA Dinner & Concert is a blast with exciting international performances such as the Supremes, ABBAration, Anita Sarawak and many more. Everyone, yes myself included despite the whining, look forward to dress up and enjoy ourselves. Again yes, I too wish there was a dance floor. *grins*

For this year, we are going to ask “How Much Is Your Love?” and learn how to “Jive Talkin’” from “The Greatest Man In The World”. Will “Too Much Heaven” makes you want to “Stayin’ Alive” or “Party With No Name”? “Words” will not be able to explain our “Emotions” and why are we “Crazy For Your Love” though you’ve told us over and over again “Don’t Fall In Love With Me”. Well, “Miracles Happen” and one day we will live “Happy Ever After” in your “Cucumber Castle”.

That’s right people. The Australian Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive – Tribute Bee Gees Show is performing at this year’s concert. If you figured it out, give yourself a pat on your shoulder *claps hand*. If you didn’t, OMG, how old are you little one?

This band is a hit worldwide and performed throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, North & South America as well as Germany. I thought the same thing too. Wow! That’s a lot of Bee Gees fan. *LOL*In fact they’ve got many awards that puts them as world’s leading Bee Gees Tribute Show. How cool is that?

Don’t miss this people. Besides, how often can you say “I too sang ‘Immortality’ with the Bee Gees”? Hee.

Another highlight of the evening is the paint auction donated by the local artists such as Christianne Goonting, Tina Rimmer, Dzulkifli Abdul Rahman and Zaimie Sahibil. My knowledge in art is very limited. Okay almost non-existent. But one thing I do know is talent and man, this people are talented. I can barely draw a stick person. They just blow you away with their creativity and passion.

Christianne Goonting

Zaimie Zahibil

Tina Rimmer

Dzulkifli Abdul Rahman


Why are you still here? Come on, pick up your phone and call 088 303001 for your ticket(s)!
See you there peeps!