Monday, April 06, 2009

surprise surprise

What? No more Sabahan contestants in AF.7? *gasps* OMG. What will most of us do on a Saturday night? *LOL*

Honestly I am surprised As.tro was willing to let go both students this week. You would think they’d keep at least one student to let the SMSes coming in. Maybe our vote tidak laku sudah bah kan? Hee.

Oh well.

So people. Let’s keep the dreams of other (where in my opinion is more talented and deserving) hopefuls alive.

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Stoney Meenuk said...

Bah, bagus juga la kalau tiada Sabahan sudah. baru la durang tau yang pendapatan SMS durang berkurangan. You know, the last 2 AF5 & AF6, the most SMS contributer comes from Sabah voters. Nah, sekarang sudah tiada Contestant dari sini, harap2 berkurangan lan pendapatan durang sana hehehe.