Monday, May 25, 2009


How can you not love KK?

Life is too short for unnecessary headaches.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dear Ekiel

Happy Birthday Ekiel.
You’re FOUR today! I know you think you’re a big boy now, but even when you’re 24, or even 44, you’ll always be my little baby.

You have grown so much over the years. You rarely have your tantrums now. You’re more patient and considerate, but of course we still have to work with you and your remote control hogging when your favourite cartoons are on TV.

You could also now switch the lights on and off and wake up in the middle of the night without needing me to accompany you to the bathroom. I think that is very brave of you. You’re very sweet for not wanting to disturb me because you think I am sleeping.

But no matter what you do Ekiel, I will ALWAYS know.
I AM your mommy.

What surprised me most is how excited you are about school and homework. Mama told me, the first thing you do after changing your school uniform is your homework! Let’s not talk about those days when you tricked all of us to do your homework for you. And just because your fingers touch the pencil when someone else helps you to write those alphabets does not mean you did your homework.

However, I am so proud of you because you prove me wrong and I do hope this habit last.

You know those times when you’re having one of your “deep thought” moments; I wonder what goes in your head. You always tell me it’s nothing but four year old does not have “deep thoughts” for no reason. Why won’t you tell me?

I cannot shower you with cool toys/things and I know how much you wanted some of those cool toys/things you see. And yet, you surprise me again by being so understanding that those things are not in our priority list.

Of course, I promise we will always have “Ekiel & Mommy time” where we will do what your heart desire until you decide you have enough. Yes, including pushing the gas pedal while you drive those arcades racing car games until your legs are long enough to reach them.

I will sometime give you a hard time but hope one day you will understand why it is important for me to inspire you like that. I want to share with you the values Mama have given me and the lessons in life that I have learned over the years but do know I will not try to stop you from being an individual.

I will always support you, yes even when you wanted to be an Ultraman and now as The World’s Greatest F1 Driver though you know how nervous I get when it comes to fast cars.

I truly feel you are destined for many great things and I hope you will grow up as a man with integrity and morals, so you could continue to inspire those around you.

You have given me so much joy Ekiel. As a mother, I should be the one who teaches you about life but instead you taught me to be a better person. I thank you for that.

Happy birthday baby.
I love you Ezekiel Isaiah Stephen.

I hope you’ll have fun at your party next week.