Friday, May 08, 2009


What else can I blog about besides the crazy weather?

I sometimes worry I’ll melt like MJ’s nose. Bad enough my melted make up makes me look like one of the KISS member. *sighs*

I also fear that I would past out from the heat. Do you think anyone would want to stop and help me if I did? I mean if I am one of those petite chicks who people could just flung over their shoulder, I wouldn’t worry so much. Kan?

Anyway, my heart sank when Allison was eliminated from AI.8 last night. It should have been DG. *grins* Yes, I was once a fan but I kinda feel I’ve OD-ed and now I want no more. With the last three boys left, I no longer am interested in AI.8 but if I have to choose someone to support because my life depended on it, my vote goes to Kris Allen simply because he is not the other two. Plus, he is so comel when he smiles. Yes, with the crooked smile and all.

I am weak when it comes to men and gorgeous smiles. Isn’t it obvious?
That and other things of course.

Remember about a month ago, when everyone around me has some kind of relationship problems?

Well, just the other day me and my girl friends were wondering if there is something wrong with us, or it is the men who are problematic. Hee. I am so gonna get it from the male species.

I wonder and I wonder.

Last night I watched Oprah. And never in a million years would I imagine Jim Carrey would touch me like that.

"If you go around saying, 'It's impossible. No one will ever love me. A good man is hard to find,' then you're saying to the universe that you don't believe in abundance," he says. "This universe that created the stars, galaxies, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and the duck-billed platypus is quite capable of finding someone for you that has the capacity to love you, no matter what your situation is."

The universe has funny ways to keep your mouth shut, doesn’t he?

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