Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I cannot tell you how lazy I am, but I can definitely show you if you like to see it.

The AI8 final is tonight. *woohoo* I just want to see Kris Allen do his magic tonight!

None of my “kuda” won this year. *rolls eyes*
Hopefully Kris’ winning will be the beginning of my good streaks.
*crosses fingers and toes*

Work is work. Enough said.

The weather is still mad. If not worse.

Ekiel is sick. Coughing and sniffing himself away.

His 4th birthday is this Saturday but because of schedule and everything else, I have to postpone the celebration to 1st June. He is already asking for a Banana Chocolate Cake, with designed undecided. It’s either: Tom & Jerry, Spongebob or Ben 10. He even asked me if I have bought him the car I promised for his birthday. *rolls eyes*

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