Thursday, May 20, 2010

the names Ekiel created

My sister caught a praying mantis, put it in a clear box and showed it to Ekiel. He obviously doesn’t know what it’s called as this is his first encounter.

Sister 2: What is this Ekiel?
Ekiel: Grassoctopus

That’s my boy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

drive safely

What if the people you love were killed by idiotic and irresponsible drivers?

You’d be broken too wouldn’t you?


Please be safe people.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

sore losers

I spend roughly an average of 10 hours in the office every day. Well, this is not by choice of course. I have to work around other people’s timing to get a lift to and from work.

It is sad to know that most of us are spending more time with our colleagues than our own family kan?

Anyway, because of this reason, I personally feel that it is important to have colleagues that you can click with, preferably one with common sense, manners and of course FUN to be with. Sadly, we cannot choose our colleagues. Don’t ask me how and why your management hires incompetent people with attitude problem because I don’t know. All I can think of is “balance”. If all the intelligent people work in one organization then they’ll take over the world! But you know the idea of them taking over sounds better than some idiotic politician with their personal agenda. Hee.

Anyway anyway, in my 10 years or so of *ahem* “professional” life I have encountered many types of colleagues.

The Blondes

The Arse Kisser

The Back Stabber

The Show Off

The Paranoid

The Story Teller

The Whiner

The Loser

The Slacker

and many more.

Of course not all of them are bad. I have found many good people at work who became good friends of mine.

Although I whine and b***h about people who makes my life miserable at work, I have never been in a situation where I am reminded about my position in the organization just because the management thinks I am more competent than the other so called management team.

No this is not about me because where I am, people are happy I am doing more work than them especially with my pay. *sticks tongue out*

If jealousy is the motive, OMG get a life people. Don’t embarrass yourself by being so bloody immature. If you want the glory than for once DO WHAT YOU ARE PAID TO DO.

Duh. Even kids can figure that one out.

Idiots sticks together because they know, on their own, they will not survive.

Friday, May 14, 2010

a good friday

Remember this pic?

Father and daughter are now reunited after the father's tour in Iraq.
For more details click here.

I love happy ending.


Things happen for a reason.
I believe that is true.

But there are things that should never happen.

Like those attack on school children in China.

How do you tell a mother that her child died for a reason?

It’s heart breaking.

I am pretty depressed these days.

I don’t know why.

Well I do, but I am just going to blame the weather.

It’s much easier kan?

I was with a Korean Media group who doesn’t speak much English. While they were busy talking with each other, I just sit/stand there, smiling and nodding my head and all. It sucks really (sorry office people!) but it is a waste of my time really but work is work. My presence there is to solve problems and attend to their last minute request.

Basically kerja kuli larr.

Anyway, we were seating around the table during lunch and they were babbling in Korean when I heard my names mentioned. Many times. I just smiled at them and stared at the dim sum. I knew they were talking about me but what was said has to be the weirdest if not the dumbest thing ever. The Korean GSA who works for the Resort turned to me and told me that the TV host said I look like Rain. Yes, RAIN! The Korean dude.

In my head, I vomited my lunch but all I said was, “I don’t think so. He’s prettier than me.”

Lame. I know but what else am I supposed to do? Graciously accept it as a compliment? Come on larr. He compared me to a dude! Yes, he has a nice abs but HE’S A GUY.

This is not the first time someone told me I looked like a guy though. The first incident was when a stranger approached me at a bus stop and asked whether I am related to a guy in Keningau because I look so much like him.

Do I really? Look like a guy?

This is so not good for my self esteem.
I suddenly have this urge to put on a dress, curl my hair, wear fake eyelashes and loads of makeup and sway my hips in my stilettos.

But I am just too damn tired.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Primary three pupils were caught imitating intimate acts in the classroom.

The girl was sent for check up and the doctor found an old tear in her vagina.

This was in the newspaper this morning.

You still think sex education in school is bad?