Monday, May 10, 2010

will the real Kylie please stand up?

“I cannot believe that Kylie Minogue is coming to perform in KK!”

Of course you can’t because she isn’t.

The 10th Palliative Care Association Dinner & Concert IS featuring 100% Kylie. That is true. They are. 100% Kylie is a TRIBUTE BAND TO KYLIE MINOGUE. Now, before you go complaining at the newspaper hotline like some people, take a deep breath and listen.

Watching 100% Kylie performing is, well not as good as the real thing, but definitely almost as good. Lucy Holmes (LH), Kylie Minogue’s (KM) lookalike and double performs with 2 of KM’s original dancers, who by the way will be using KM’s original dance/performance routine. The costumes LH will be wearing are also KM’s original costumes. 100% Kylie is even acknowledged by KM’s management team and her family.

KM also tweeted her seal of approval and declared LH is her favorite and best Kylie act ever!

It wasn’t PCA’s intention to mislead anyone. The KM’s tribute band is called 100% Kylie which they used to announce and promote their event. What are they supposed to call them, The Not So 100%, 100% Kylie?

Besides people, if KM herself is coming, why would PCA put 100% Kylie rather than Kylie Minogue? Plus, it was written and explained in all the newspaper that it is a tribute band. Doesn’t anyone read the newspaper besides the horoscope and the lottery result section?

Think about it.

On a different note, I am sure you know what the Palliative Care Association is about but for those who doesn’t, Palliative Care attends to those terminally ill cancer patients outside the ICU units by providing equipment, beds and medication at the patient’s home for FREE. They also provide counseling and fellowship not only for the patients but the patient’s family as well to accept the inevitable. You and I know how much money is involved to do all this, therefore, PCA with the help of their sponsors organized this charity dinner and show to collect funds. Every year, PCA needs about RM400,000.00 to operate their organizations and soon, they will also assist other [non cancer] terminally ill patients too.

For more information, google them.

This year, a generous donor donated two special collector’s items watches, a Presidential Rolex and a Gerald Genta to the PCA which will be given out as the prizes for the PCA raffles. Now, for those who do not know what raffle is, it is another word for lucky draw.

Anyway, the lucky draw ticket is sold at RM20.00 a ticket and is available for sale. No, you do not have to attend the dinner to win. If you’re one of the lucky winners; the Chief Minister of Sabah will call you during the draw to inform you that you won. Cool huh? How often will the CM call you? Unless of course, you’re related or work with him.

Stop being a smarty pant ok? *grins*

With everything that is happening around us, we should come together and help those who need our assistance. Whatever your theory is about why things happened to some people, put it aside. Life is short. Be nice. A day without Starbucks, 10 – 3 (alcohol) or couple of days without nicotine is good for you anyway.

If you want a ticket, email me. Or if you think I am trying to sell of my portion of the tickets, which I am *smiles*, you can call the PCA directly at 088 231505.

Those who are going for the dinner and concert, see you there. Don’t be shy. Say hie ya.

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