Saturday, November 28, 2009

shame on them

I shall attempt to finish this post in 15 minutes before I have to go and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Not everyone is blessed with common sense. Yes, this topic again. I just don’t understand all the 5Ws and 1Hs of these idiotic people. I also don’t understand why people like me allow them to walk away with their stupidity like that. *head hangs in shame*

I went to Carrefour Subang with my sister when I was in KL recently. We were at the basement car park looking for parking when we had to stop behind this fancy car (I can’t remember what car was it but it has a royal crest at the plate number thingy) who was waiting for another car to reverse out from the parking.

The idiot with the fancy car, let’s call him IFC, waited so close that the other car had problem trying to get out of the car. IFC did not even bother to reverse his car a little to make way. Finally the other driver managed to manoeuvre his car out. By the way, this parking spot is next to a pillar, so imagine the little space available.

IFC wanted to drive into the parking bay but because he is a selfish idiot who did not want to reverse to give space to the other driver, he himself had problems getting into the lot. Serve him right. However, at one point, he reversed and bang into the car parking across the lot but unfortunately IFC is an a** who doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything, did not even bother to check the other car or his for that matter. He went straight in to the mall after parking.

When we drove pass the car he bang, there was only a mark on the bumper. The second time we passed by it, the owner was loading his car and she didn’t seemed to notice the mark. I told her “Makcik, some idiot bang into your car while trying to get into the parking lot”. Unfortunately I did this in the car with the windows up. I am pretty sure she didn’t hear me.

Another incident happened at one of the Bah Kut Teh outlet in KK. The place was super packed and I was enjoying my soup when we heard glass breaking. A well dressed lady knocked down the bowls at the counter with her expensive bag. Instead of apologizing, she was unhappy, walked off and sat at a table grumbling. Everyone just looked at her and went back doing whatever they are doing.

Shame on these two idiots. Someone told me this is how the world works. People with money get away with everything. *sighs* As much as I detest that statement, I must admit that it is the truth.

So, I may not have the guts to tell these people off but I will make sure my son and I do not behave in such ways. In the end, people will not remember how much money we have or what branded stuff we wear, but they will always remember the little things that we do.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tough wed

I finally watched Twilight last Sunday on Astro. I am sure it went severe censorship like all movies. So what do I think? I sure hope the books are better than the movies.

I still do not understand the obsession with Edward, or rather Robert Pattison. Am I really the only one who thinks he is scary? That big eye and smirk he does sometimes is weird. I know, he needs to fight his desire to drink her (Bella) blood, blah blah blah, therefore the expression but seriously? Put on some lipstick, he’ll look like the Joker.

But I must admit, the chemistry between Edward and Bella is undeniably hot and that’s the only thing I like about the movie.

About Jacob, what’s with the hair?

On another note, why do some people make up stories about the people they know they need to depend on? You expect these people to help you and yet you try to kill them behind their back.

Walls talk because they are not blind.

And people ask me why am I so grumpy these days. *vomits blood*

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love In Action

Waking up my son every morning for school is like a game of snake & ladder. Sometimes he’ll wake up all jolly and excited for school, there are times when he pretends he’s still asleep but you can see from the corner of his mouth he is trying not to smile and most times, he refused to wake up and I had to carry him into the bathroom. To make him brush his teeth is a different problem, though I no longer had to use cloth to clean them.

Why snake & ladder, well you know, the going up the ladder and going down the snake. Get it? Yes, I’m so funny.

Anyway, in my previous blog, I shared about my trip to Kampung Moingnob. The reason why we, well I pushed myself to step foot at the village is to film the children to prepare a video presentation for Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherds in conjunction with Carols by Candlelight, happening on 5 December 2009 at Covered Tennis Court, Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club.

The children of Kampung Moingob

13 children of Kampung Moingob, from the age of 6 to 12 years old, go to Sekolah Kebangsaan Rungus Nabaha. From Sunday to Friday evening, instead of staying at home with their families, they live in a school hostel next to their school. The children didn’t have much choice, as it was either staying in the hostel five days a week away from their family or walk to school for about 2 hours (one way trip) every day.

Their route to school

I was told they have no guardian in the hostel except for a woman who helps the younger children to prepare their meals; rice and salted fish. Every day. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wish I was kidding but this is what those children told me.

I casually ask them if they drink Milo in the morning and they just looked at me as if I ask them if they have cereals for breakfast every day. I wonder if they even have eaten cereals before.

The hostel was opened in 1990 by the parent-teacher association where they collected money to buy the materials and later work together to build the building. In 1999, they had to rebuild with funds from NGOs through the effort of YB Wilfred Madius Tanggau when the building got burnt down.

I was surprised to learn that the government had nothing to do with this effort. Now, whether this is the truth or otherwise, I do not know.

Anyway, parents are worried about their children, which I understand perfectly. With that many psychotic people these days, I was horrified when I found out those children are living on their own. I am not sure how the arrangement was made, but the parents want to move these children to Asrama Desa Pukak (Desa Pukak Hostel) in Tenghilan under Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherds.

The hostel opened its doors to 17 children, aged 7 to 12 years from Kampung Liposu and Kelobaan in 2 January 2008. The hostel is only 10 minutes walk from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pukak and is managed by Dora the Matron; Julie the programme coordinator while Sister Imelda is the part time supervisor of the hotel.

Things are not always as simple as it seems. The Asrama Desa Pukak can only accommodate 20 children at one time and currently they already have 16 children. For each child from this village to travel between home and the hostel, they would need RM25.00 per child for a return trip every week. They would also need additional financial assistance for the additional 13 children.

For this year, all profits from Sharity month and Carols by Candlelight at Sutera Harbour Resort will be channelled to Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd to fund these children.

For those who are sceptical about charity events such as this, or even the effectiveness of these hotels, well shame on you. *tsk tsk tsk*

Not everyone as evil as you think.

I met an ex student of Kampung Moingnob hostel, Martina Toisin who is now an aspirant nun with The Good Shepherd Sisters. She was there under The Good Shepherd who invited students from local higher institution to visit the children and bergotong royong around the balai raya. Martina stayed in the hostel from 1993 – 1999. She told me how they, the children, had to be independent at a very young age but none of them complained because they know this is for their own good. The older generation of Kampung Moingnob are illiterate and that had changed over the years with parents insisting and finding ways to send their children to school.

As for all charity events held at the Resort, we will held a press conference to announce the amount of money collected as well to hand over the money to the selected beneficiaries. I know because I usually emcee these events.

Ina (centre), a 6 year old who wants to be a doctor when she grows up

Trust me when I say times are hard. However, they are those who are less fortunate than the rest of us. These children wants to make a difference in their life, don’t they deserve a chance? I asked those children what they want to be when they grow up, and they tell me they want to be doctors and policemen. Many of us are given opportunities after opportunities and yet we waste them. Don’t ask me why for I don’t know and I have accepted the fact that this is how life works.

So people, mark you calendar. The 10th Amazing Carols
by Candlelight is happening on the Saturday, 5th December 2009 at the Covered Tennis Court, Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club from 6.00pm – 9.30pm. Share the spirit of Christmas with Christmas carols (with 1,000 carolers from all the churches in Kota Kinabalu) under the stars and sumptuous food and beverages sold that night. Food coupons are available that night.

Let us count our blessings and share the love and joy with our family and loved ones during this festive season.

Photos are courtesy of Henry Liew.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

a silly sunday post

With the not so many weeks left this year, I’ve wasted this weekend by doing absolutely nothing at all but sleep, eat, eat, eat and watch TV. I refuse to acknowledge the mental planning I did in my head, because we all know that will never happen. *sighs*

There’s plenty of things I can do this weekend; do my hair, cover the island for my next article, alter my top for a colleague’s wedding next week, prepare for the family Christmas reunion, etc. The list continues.

I did rearrange my wardrobe and Ekiel for the 100th time this year but that’s because the baskets of clean clothes, was already blocking the hallway. But *woohoo* anyway.

I really need to make time for the trip because I only have like 2 weeks before I need to submit the article for the in-house newsletter. By the way, yes, I agree the previous interviews were very wordy. I know better now than to ask too many *ahem* good questions but I was reassigned to write about something else anyway.

Anyway, I wish the island plan will happen exactly like I planned it in my head, but I cannot wait any longer. Why do some people assume I am just okay with their timing? I guess I just have to go with, or without them. *rolls eyes* Why so damn difficult one?

I went to a Club after months of hibernating at home on a Friday night. The music and the crowd have not changed much since my last outing. There was a woman from another country who was REALLY enjoying herself and the attention from the male species that looked like they are the older generation of some China mafia. I guess the men didn’t do that well, because they went to her table with two full glasses of beer, and they came back with two full glasses of beer. I salute the woman for taking care of herself because it was obvious she was tipsy from the way she walks and dances. Why can’t more women party like that?

I must also share the cutest thing I saw that night. A very girly guy (how else should I refer them), was dancing to Poker Face by Lady Gaga. She did the washing your face routine every time the singer goes “pox9 poker face”. So maybe it’s the anthem dance for the song I didn’t know, but I am so going to wash my face during that song when I go out with my girls the next time.

For all I know, during my next night outing, they’ve already come up 1,000 different moves. Kan?

I had a weird dream last night. I, Clara Angelicbug, was the guest to some talk show and I had cameras following me around. I remember introducing Ambuyat (did I get the name right? It’s the sago thingy that you eat with fish soup) as my favorite local dish to the camera. *LOL* I only had that thing twice in my whole entire life!

Then I was in the middle of my appraisal, but it was conducted by two unknown men. I remember saying that the past 31/2 years had taught me not to only grow in my career, but in my everyday life as well. *LOL* I so deserve an Oscar for that. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes.

Then I got the shocked of my life when I found people who I rather not see was there as my colleagues. They haunt me even in my dreams. *bangs head on wall*

I am sure there is a lesson to be learned from the dream, but at the moment, I am craving for some Ambuyat, or whatever is called.

Christmas is just a month away but why don’t I feel Christmas-sy at all?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

November trip part 2


We finally arrived at our hotel, Landmark Hotel in Batu Pahat at 3.00am. We carried all our things and I was behind this guy who was smoking outside earlier. I seriously thought he would hold the door for me, instead he just let go and I nearly bang the glass door. WTH. I was so damn pissed. It is bad enough he didn’t offer to help carry our things, but at least hold the damn door larr. My friend, Mimi, the ever
so nice girl said, maybe he’s a hotel guest but he walks behind the reception counter. Employee or no employee, common sense larr. I was too tired to excuse his rude and idiotic behaviour, so I said, out loud, as I walked into the hotel, “What a jerk. At least hold the damn door. No brain is it? It’s common sense larr to hold the door. I would hold a door for a guy. Bloody idiot”. The guy did not even bother to look at us what more to apologize. He just sat there like an idiot. *sighs*

The Front Office screwed up the bookings and we had to settle for a room of three, which is fine for us. BUT when we got in the room, we were only given 1 towel. Mimi called and asked for three more, but the guy said, one room gets one towel. *rolls eyes* When my friend insisted, they finally send two towels. OMG. Breakfast was only for two. I still don’t understand how or why they charge a room for three but provide facilities for one or two.

The heater takes forever to hear so I had to take a cold shower
at 3.30am and 9.30am! There was blockage on toilet floor so when someone showers, the whole floor is flooded. Very gross. The walls were thin and we could hear everything and anything from outside and inside the hotel. The only standing lamp wasn’t working so the room was dark. Our view was the next building. The staff, I’ll give them a 1 out of 5 for service and that’s because they called us to tell us we need to check out by 12pm! I think I’ll deduct another ½ point for not smiling at all.

Thank goodness we only spent 8 hours in the hotel! The only reason the bride chooses this hotel because it was newly renovated. I do not want to think what the hotel is like before that.

Somehow, at that moment, it didn’t matter because we were so happy to just be with each other and sharing girls’ talk where I was asked another RM1million question. *winks* It's only when I think about it now, I get irritated. Boleh?

We continued our drive to the bride’s house and thankfully we didn’t get lost this time
. *grins*

When we got there, the bride was in the middle of her makeup so we decided to have something to eat first because we were hungry. They served masak merah chicken, rendang beef and acar. It was yummy!

Then we went and hang out at the bride’s room, took some pictures.

The bride, true to her words, showed me the sirih junjung. *hee* We laughed about it thinking no one will take it seriously. They didn’t know I was determined to get everyone a daun sirih because these girls are one of the nicest people I know and I want them to live a happily ever after. The groom arrived soon after,t he bride went out to wait at her pelamin and that’s when I carried out the “Sirih Junjung Mission”.

The sirih junjung

It was funny. I quickly grabbed the leaves and the girls were telling me to hurry. I tried to pull the leaves when I realised it was sewed together. So I had to pull the leaves one by one when someone said, “pull the pin! Pull the pin” and I was like “WTH! There’s no pin larr”. Some more they can demand; want a smaller leaf larr, want a greener leaf larr. *rolls eyes* By the time, I am done, I’ve ruined the dulang hantaran. I am sure the bride knows and understand.

The daun sirih didn’t taste too good and I had gastric soon after. Oh well, it was for fun though. And no, no soul mate. So far. Yes, very optimistic about it. *chuckles*

While chewing, we were told to gather at the pelamin to collect “toll”. I was surprised to hear about this tradition but we sat there anyway. We were so easily pleased; we gave in after the second “green packet”. It must be the effect from the leaf.

Then we had to make our trip back to KL because Suzy has an early video shooting the next day.

On our way, we stopped by at a stall, recommended by the locals to have otak-otak and ­mi bandung which was delicious.

Otak- otak

My friends are always about good food, good laugh and good fun. The best combination.
I am already looking forward to our next road trip to Penang next year! *woohoo*

The ahli Kelab Tujuh Jahanam planned to go for a night out that Saturday but I was too tired to shake my booty so we settled for coffee instead, which was good.

Next day, went window shopping again at Sunway Pyramid. I managed to get couple of things for Ekiel. *sighs* So damn difficult to go anywhere when you’re on a tight budget. My sister took me to Ayam Penyet for lunch.

Ayam Penyet

I had chicken and we ordered beef soup. YUMMY. Then we walked around aimlessly. I finally found a shop that sells cool cufflinks for RM99! I find it expensive because we can buy it online for half the price for the same item.

I was too early for Christmas in KL. *sighs* There were shops selling Christmas d├ęcor though. I just wasn’t in the mood to go gaga over Christmas yet.

In our flight back from KL, we were gloomily informed by the Captain that there were no in-flight meals. *gasps* How can that happened? The poor boy behind me was so unhappy. The dad had to get him two cups of instant noodles. *tsk tsk tsk*