Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tough wed

I finally watched Twilight last Sunday on Astro. I am sure it went severe censorship like all movies. So what do I think? I sure hope the books are better than the movies.

I still do not understand the obsession with Edward, or rather Robert Pattison. Am I really the only one who thinks he is scary? That big eye and smirk he does sometimes is weird. I know, he needs to fight his desire to drink her (Bella) blood, blah blah blah, therefore the expression but seriously? Put on some lipstick, he’ll look like the Joker.

But I must admit, the chemistry between Edward and Bella is undeniably hot and that’s the only thing I like about the movie.

About Jacob, what’s with the hair?

On another note, why do some people make up stories about the people they know they need to depend on? You expect these people to help you and yet you try to kill them behind their back.

Walls talk because they are not blind.

And people ask me why am I so grumpy these days. *vomits blood*

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