Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Election Fever

Though most of my friends (and people on my FB wall and Twitter) are passionate about the whole GE13, there are a few of us who are quite sceptical about the whole thing.

It is not that I do not care about this country and I do not want what is best for the future generation as it does involves my son (and some people used this against me) I still believe the election is about picking the lesser of two evils.

I truly do; simply based on the things I read and hear. Some political party supporter tells me not to believe everything, but that my point is exactly.

What is the truth?
Whom can I trust?
Who is sincere about making this nation a better place?
Who is humble enough to serve the country?

I also don’t understand the direction of their political campaign gimmick.
If you vote us, we will give you this and that.
But the things they promised are basic stuff; better roads, affordable homes, fair education, etc.

What I want to know is; why didn’t they do/provide all this the last decades?
They had plenty of time to prove themselves.

The way they attack the other party using “scare” tactics openly is just so sad.
Not as sad as the begging technique though.
 If you “sayang” me, you will vote for me.
I have an annoying ex who does exactly that.
Not pretty.

And the other one, well...

Yes, we need change but do they really have what it takes?
With all the changes they will make, how will it affect everyone?
I am not saying the current situation is great, but it could be a lot worse no?
Besides, one does not make changes without affecting anything.

Will that change work for Sabah?

We’ve tried “change” (every other year) at one point, but that didn’t turn out well.
So, that “change” got changed.

Besides, change has to start from yourself.
You want to change the world, and yet, your attitude and behaviour has not changed.


Even within one party, people are fighting for the bigger “share”.
Like those independent candidates who were not nominated through their party.

How sure you that these combined parties will not end up fighting for the “bigger pie” positions later?

The commonality I find is how religion and ethnic group issues are brought into all this madness.
It is so frustrating.

I do not want a government who treats me like I am an idiot.
I do not want a government who is all talk but no action.

Maybe my dad is right.
Pick the candidate who will try their damnest best to make a difference, no matter which political party they belong to. Pick who YOU believe in. 

and by the way, your vote is CONFIDENTIAL. So stop asking me!

On another note, I am quite nervous as this will be my first voting.
Guess who will be trailing behind her dad like a lost chicken this Sunday at the polling station?