Saturday, December 27, 2008

more good news please!

Can a woman and a man be GOOD FRIENDS with no other intentions?

One would think, in today’s world, with all the education and exposure, we would not need to debate over this matter.

Obviously I’m wrong.

I understand the concerns and what not but all the misconception happens because of our own wrong doings. Well, theirs really not mine. *whistles*

Shame on you people who always think there’s a negative motive behind it and what is wrong with you? Can you not control yourself from jumping on every guy/girl you see? *tsk tsk tsk*


In one of the local newspaper today, there is a special report on all the sad/bad things that happened in Sabah throughout the year. It was a pretty long article and I actually read each and every word. My first reaction was, why are they reminding us again of these tragedies? How the families of the victims would feel especially during this holiday season? Do they really need to be reminded of what had happened?

There are many people who always say they understand how it feels to be in those particular circumstances. Do they really?

I am an individual who can never handle situations like that well. Some people may see it as a sign of weakness. *sticks tongue out* I may not know what it feels, but I do understand pain and sadness. And I definitely would not to be reminded what I have lost especially at this time of the year.

Yes I do understand the need to report these things as a reminder to the rest of us.

But give us all a break. Everyone could use some cheer these days. I sure can. So to those reporters out there, remind us of the good times we had. Moments where we unite as a community or heroes who made a difference in someone else’s life. Stories that would lift our spirits and inspire us to be better people.

Remind us that life is not that bad after all.

Friday, December 26, 2008

this Christmas

Christmas is good despite “no opening Christmas presents until the 29th December” order from my mom. She thinks it’s rude to open the presents in front of the relatives who are staying over at my house. *sniff sniff*Luckily I stashed few presents in my room, so I get to open them without anyone knowing. *evil laugh*

Went to Christmas Eve midnight mass and the place were packed! We were supposed to leave by 7pm BUT we only manage to leave the house few minutes before 8pm. *sighs* My family really need to learn time management.

This year’s choir was so-so. Maybe it’s just me with the heat messing my head.

The family Christmas dinner was fun. It didn’t go exactly like how I picture it in my head, but it was good. There was plenty of food and the crazy heat did not stop me from stuffing my face silly. Towards the end of the time I almost burst with “happiness” and thankfully I went back before that happened. *sighs of relief*

I also went to bed early. Those damn flu medication, he said it is NON DROWSY but why am I stoned every time I took them? The doc also said I’d be better in one day. *coubullshitgh*

At least I feel so much better today. The first day was the worse. I actually doze off so many times at work and once while my friend was talking to me. Make me shy only.

How’s your Christmas people?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas


*wipes forehead in relief*

This Christmas would be FUNTASTIC with the many happenings in the next two weeks. I’m crossing my fingers and toes for it to happen. You can never tell with people changing their minds every now and then. *sticks tongue out*

Since I’m going to focus on family, friends and myself for the next couples of days with LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD… this blog is officially in Hibernation Mode.

I have plenty of things to blog but my mind is refusing to cooperate.


Have fun.
Be safe.

Don’t drink & drive ya.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

christmas is the time for l.o.v.e.

I *heart* Christmas again.
*goes all mushy*

I am at a point where I am neither concerned nor bothered about the little annoying details anymore.
Qua sera sera, whatever will be will be my friends. With this new found, well okay larr, with this occasional “wisdom” which gave me a good kick on my lazy arse, I am able to relax a bit and enjoy the little things in life.

Ekiel: Why you don’t give me Christmas present?
Me: Because it’s not Christmas yet
(Ekiel went to switch the fairy lights on the Christmas tree)
Ekiel: Nah, Christmas already
Me: Bagus you this…

(after picking me up at a mall)
Ekiel: Mommy, you didn’t go to work?
Me: No, mommy went to look for Christmas present
(Ekiel flicked me on the face)
Ekiel: Why you don’t bring me?

I am also having a great time with my *ahem* clique. Some of you know I am not the mushy type who calls/SMS people just because I feel like it. However, with them I am beginning to look forward for those SMS and phone calls. Gila eh. Even when I was in a relationship I didn’t bother about the “connection” this much. *sighs* It’s either I am getting old or… or it’s the damn unpredictable weather. It’s so hot these days, my common sense evaporated.

This doesn’t mean I don’t *heart* my other friends kay.
You guys larr live so bloody far.
*sticks tongue out*

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today is a good day.
I’ve been listening to good news about friends since morning.
Of course I feel happy for all of them.

And yes, of course I am a little jealous.

The festive season does bring cheers to everyone kan?
I hope there is something for me too. *sighs*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the almost year end post

This year is definitely my worst record ever in buying Christmas gifts. It is the 16th and I am still not done. *head hangs in shame* And I am sick and tired walking around the shopping complexes with crazy people rushing their Christmas shopping as well.

People do become crazy when they shop don’t they?

With all the chaos and what not, I am extremely tired. I just want to sit back and enjoy the season. So many things happening and I cannot digest everything at one go. There is always a question here and there. The problem is, I already know the answer but I refuse to accept it. Boleh?

With the year coming to end, I wonder if next year will be a better year for everyone.
One thing for certain, next year will definitely be better than this year.
No, there is nothing wrong with this year.
But that’s just it. Nothing major happened this year.
You know what I mean?

Next year, I have so many things to look forward to: Ekiel’s first day of school, Bali trip, me finishing the course thingy, done with the bills, and hopefully the list will grow.
I can’t wait.

Until then, I will enjoy my Year End plans which I HOPE WILL HAPPEN or I will explode with annoyance. *whistles*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 days to Christmas

Festive season also means wedding season.
With all the love and merriment going around, it is a nice idea to make it special with a wedding celebration. Hey, I am always up for a good party.

The only problem is when the dates clashes. I don’t have a solution to this. BUT I would choose which wedding couple is closer to me. If both of them are equally important, then I’d go where the first invitation tells me to. Fair mah kan?

With all these “parties”, surely the scale would be screaming the next time I get on it. *sighs* BUT it’d be rude not to eat. *whistles*

Today is already the 13th, and still not in a very Christmas-sy mood. I guess I’ve ruined it by being a little bit too excited weeks ago. *rolls eyes*

What is wrong with me?

I can’t wait to meet the girls (and guys) on the 23rd.
I WANT MY “DANCING QUEEN” ya and our version of the “Lion Sleeps Tonight” kay Eskay? *LOL*

Too bad we’re partying here because my #1 rule to partying is never party “too hard” in places where everyone knows your name. BUT I have this BIG need to go crazy. I worry by July next year, I’ll explode.

I still haven’t finish with the Christmas gift shopping nor have I started wrapping any. The Christmas tree at home begins to look pathetic without rivers of presents underneath it like every year.

I will make the effort to do so this weekend.
Will is a REALLY big word kan?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

thursday is long day

Time is sure DAMN SLOW today.
*bangs head on keyboard*

I want to go home and pamper myself silly like a girly girl.
I know, tidak sesuai kan? *LOL*

I am so freaking fed up with everything.

The craziest thing is, I don’t even know or care why.

All I want is for it to stop.

It’s tiring keeping a steady face and pretends everything is o-kay when all I want to do run amok in the middle of the city with the giant stapler.

I need some TLC.
Lots and lots of it.