Sunday, December 07, 2008

RIP Mr Romance

Romance died so long ago, people have no more respect for it anymore.

How many couples you know went through the whole courting ritual? You know, the whole old-fashioned wooing thing.

I hope I am wrong but all my friends’ love story doesn’t begin that way. Most of them and myself included are in or have been in those “instant noodles” relationship. *chuckles*

I remember telling a guy to woo and court me and he said it is a waste of time. If we like each other, then we should just start dating to see if it will work.

Why was he in a rush anyway? Is his biological clock ticking already? *rolls eyes*

Obviously that relationship went down the toilet.

I think, in this time of day, a guy who is willing to invest that much of time and energy to profess his love is truly a gentleman. Of course, I may be wrong. There is always some idiot who ruin it for everyone else.

People take romance for granted especially after they are in the relationship. Flowers and presents are kept for special occasions. Telephone conversations are kept minimal. Doing grocery shopping is considered a date. The only public touching is when the hubby or the wife wants to distract their spouses. Betul kan?

It’s the same for single people too. Instead of passé pickup lines that are sometimes comel, we have people announcing their affection for you in front of your friends and expect you to jump to his arms right away. That or people who gives you the permission to do whatever you want to them because he’s cool with it.

With these people around, I will be single for a very long time.

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