Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 days to Christmas

Festive season also means wedding season.
With all the love and merriment going around, it is a nice idea to make it special with a wedding celebration. Hey, I am always up for a good party.

The only problem is when the dates clashes. I don’t have a solution to this. BUT I would choose which wedding couple is closer to me. If both of them are equally important, then I’d go where the first invitation tells me to. Fair mah kan?

With all these “parties”, surely the scale would be screaming the next time I get on it. *sighs* BUT it’d be rude not to eat. *whistles*

Today is already the 13th, and still not in a very Christmas-sy mood. I guess I’ve ruined it by being a little bit too excited weeks ago. *rolls eyes*

What is wrong with me?

I can’t wait to meet the girls (and guys) on the 23rd.
I WANT MY “DANCING QUEEN” ya and our version of the “Lion Sleeps Tonight” kay Eskay? *LOL*

Too bad we’re partying here because my #1 rule to partying is never party “too hard” in places where everyone knows your name. BUT I have this BIG need to go crazy. I worry by July next year, I’ll explode.

I still haven’t finish with the Christmas gift shopping nor have I started wrapping any. The Christmas tree at home begins to look pathetic without rivers of presents underneath it like every year.

I will make the effort to do so this weekend.
Will is a REALLY big word kan?


eSKay said...

ala.. this weekend got CL2 suda.. ko suruh dia taruh all her presents there for the time being... at least ur job 4 the weekend is done..

yayyyy... 4 days to goooooooo...
ala.. lama lagi oh kan..

yup defintely will do the HIPPO's dance.. wats the fren's name ah?? hippo and...??

angelicbug said...

hippo and...mcm a dog kan?