Friday, December 26, 2008

this Christmas

Christmas is good despite “no opening Christmas presents until the 29th December” order from my mom. She thinks it’s rude to open the presents in front of the relatives who are staying over at my house. *sniff sniff*Luckily I stashed few presents in my room, so I get to open them without anyone knowing. *evil laugh*

Went to Christmas Eve midnight mass and the place were packed! We were supposed to leave by 7pm BUT we only manage to leave the house few minutes before 8pm. *sighs* My family really need to learn time management.

This year’s choir was so-so. Maybe it’s just me with the heat messing my head.

The family Christmas dinner was fun. It didn’t go exactly like how I picture it in my head, but it was good. There was plenty of food and the crazy heat did not stop me from stuffing my face silly. Towards the end of the time I almost burst with “happiness” and thankfully I went back before that happened. *sighs of relief*

I also went to bed early. Those damn flu medication, he said it is NON DROWSY but why am I stoned every time I took them? The doc also said I’d be better in one day. *coubullshitgh*

At least I feel so much better today. The first day was the worse. I actually doze off so many times at work and once while my friend was talking to me. Make me shy only.

How’s your Christmas people?

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