Saturday, December 27, 2008

more good news please!

Can a woman and a man be GOOD FRIENDS with no other intentions?

One would think, in today’s world, with all the education and exposure, we would not need to debate over this matter.

Obviously I’m wrong.

I understand the concerns and what not but all the misconception happens because of our own wrong doings. Well, theirs really not mine. *whistles*

Shame on you people who always think there’s a negative motive behind it and what is wrong with you? Can you not control yourself from jumping on every guy/girl you see? *tsk tsk tsk*


In one of the local newspaper today, there is a special report on all the sad/bad things that happened in Sabah throughout the year. It was a pretty long article and I actually read each and every word. My first reaction was, why are they reminding us again of these tragedies? How the families of the victims would feel especially during this holiday season? Do they really need to be reminded of what had happened?

There are many people who always say they understand how it feels to be in those particular circumstances. Do they really?

I am an individual who can never handle situations like that well. Some people may see it as a sign of weakness. *sticks tongue out* I may not know what it feels, but I do understand pain and sadness. And I definitely would not to be reminded what I have lost especially at this time of the year.

Yes I do understand the need to report these things as a reminder to the rest of us.

But give us all a break. Everyone could use some cheer these days. I sure can. So to those reporters out there, remind us of the good times we had. Moments where we unite as a community or heroes who made a difference in someone else’s life. Stories that would lift our spirits and inspire us to be better people.

Remind us that life is not that bad after all.

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