Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 finale pt1

Hello people!!!

How’s your New Year?

Miss me?

No I am not drunk from all the festive celebrations. *sticks tongue out* I was barely tipsy unless I am experiencing a delayed reaction from all the liquor I’ve been consuming for the past weeks.

Which some people call it “belakang tendang”.

The finale to my 2008 was GREAT. A little havoc with the BAD time management and what not, but I guess with the whole village in one house, it was a miracle we managed to get to places on time without leaving anyone behind.

The wedding reception was simple but touching. The bride was radiant and the groom was handsome. I also did the Sumazau dance thingy which weren’t too bad. If you ask me larr. *whistles* Too bad we couldn’t stay too long.

The girls night out plus 2 macho men was FUN FUN FUN. Again, if you ask me larr and I don’t think the liquor has anything to do with it. It’s the people I was with. Betul ni

When the drummer sang the first song during the first set, I was ALMOST in love. He is so comel because he looked so shy. Yes, I still have a thing for shy guys. But of course, for all we know he could be the world’s greatest Casanova right?

My other favourite part of the night besides the friends, music and dancing was when the blackout happened. Yes, strange but true. Someone from the crowd started singing Christmas carols and the whole crowd joined together. It was really cool until some guy from a land far away told everyone to shut up. What an arse.


The family picnic wasn’t the greatest BUT the important thing was we had fun. I know I should have organized more games but I was busy focusing on other things. Oh well, this year’s would be great! We’ve already started planning (which I “borrowed” some ideas from other family’s telematch *shhh*) but of course the execution is totally a different matter. *whistles*

Without shame, I want to whine about me being bullied by my YOUNGER cousins!

*sticks tongue out*

This year I’ll come with armour and a raincoat.

To be continued….

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