Thursday, January 22, 2009

i'm trying... i'm trying...

I only got a few minutes to “warm up” my brain before I start torturing it for the rest of the day. *sighs*

I know it is my New Year’s Resolution to blog every day BUT it is much harder than I imagine. My slothfulness is still biting me in the arse and my hormones are messing with my head.

Can you imagine what it is like?
It’s not a pretty sight people.

Ekiel is doing great in school though he did cry a week later when I leave him in school. His reason was I did not fetch him from school. After I make him understand that it will not happen, he began to relax. He even let me kiss him in class now. *kiss kiss*

He also said he has a GF but he doesn’t remember the name and would ask me every hour. The only girl from his class I know is Esther because she’s the only one wearing a name tag. For all I know it is someone else who is now known as Esther in my family. *LOL*

So far, he only had one homework and I am relieved to see him doing it passionately. I’m crossing my fingers that this trait will last forever.

Me: Have you done your homework?
Ekiel: Ya.. but not straight. Not nice

(Me checking his homework)

Me: OK larr bah this. Very good

Ekiel: The teacher say “Congratulation, you’re the winner” and give me trophy?

Me: Kau ingat kau lumba lari ka this? (You think you’re in a race?)

Ekiel: Oh salah. Malu saya (Opps… I’m embarrassed)

Whenever I have a rough day, it’s moments like this that makes it all better.

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eSKay said...

keep up the gud work girl...