Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 finale pt2

Where was I?

Oh yeah…

Then following day I went to the island with some friends. Now… call me ignorant, I didn’t realize I was at the wrong jetty which happens to be at the end of the opposite direction. I seriously thought there are only two jetties in town and obviously I am wrong. *hangs head in shame* But the important thing is everyone reached the island safely kan?

Oh, and before I forget, how much is RM6 x 5?
Believe me when I say you’d be surprised to hear the answers. The cutest thing was (now cute larr when you think about it) these people were so damn sure they are correct. *LOL* We should have brought a video camera to record moments like this.

I sunbathed under the blazing sun in my jeans and boy(!) what a big mistake. I was roasted. I wish I have that golden tan but NOoo… and now the colour of my skin is uneven because only certain parts of my face is peeling. The price I have to pay to feel the delightful sensation of the sun on my skin.

And everyone commented negatively on my new skin colour. *sniffs* People and their screwed perception. *tsk tsk tsk*

New Year’s Eve was good too. Had dinner at home and went to a friend’s place. Plenty of drinks, dancing and laughter. At midnight water was pouring from every direction. Mercy was just a word though they were a little concerned that the water was a bit too cold but that didn’t stop them from pouring the whole bucket of cold water on me.

Armour and raincoat will definitely come in handy in this situation. Was drenched the whole night and am super happy I didn’t catch a cold. The liquor kept me warm and happy. *winks* Even if I did catch a cold, it will be worth it.

New Year Resolution.

Sadly, I did not achieve any of my 2008 Resolutions. *head hangs in shame*
My *ahem* procrastination is really getting out of hand.

So for this year, my 2009 Resolution is to achieve those not-so-difficult-but-I-am-so-damn-lazy 2008 Resolutions.

Recycling is always a good thing no?

I am very positive I could at least tick two of those resolutions off this year. *phew*

It would be super great if I could tick all of them off this year though. *winks*

Ekiel will start his pre-school classes tomorrow. Well, orientation until Friday before the “real fun” begins on Monday. I literally went around town to look for his school shoes, which were out of stock in almost every “brick” shop. *rolls eyes* The coolest thing is all his school stuff is from the Ben.10 collection; pencils, school bag, water bottle, lunch box, fork and spoon!

Did I just say Ben.10 is cool? *LOL*

He tried his uniform (XL ah) last night and he looks so grown up. *sniffs*

I wonder who will cry tomorrow. Ekiel or his mommy.

Time surely flies quickly.
I sometimes cannot help but to wonder if I have miss out anything important in life.


eSKay said...

hi there.. had fun at the island too.. cant wait for bali.. even if i havent renew my passport yet.. but im sending good thought to the world hopefully good things will happen..

angelicbug said...

i pun haven't renew my passport. hehehe...

yes, bali in 6 more mths! ada claire told u we bought parios for the trip? *winks*