Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the day after the CNY

Happy *Moo Moo* year my friends.

Is it me or does the holiday feel a little too short?

The angpow collection this year didn’t go well with the economy blah blah blah. Not that my angpow collection in the previous years were any better. Though I am single, most people “technically” categorize me as married which translates to NO red packets. *sighs*

Aunt: Bila larr kau mau kahwin ni? 30 tahun sudah saya bagi kau angpow (When are you going to get married? I’ve been giving you red packets for the past 30 years)

Me: Habis larr Aunty… tidak akan terjadi impian aunty tu (too bad, that is so not going to happen)

In my family, CNY means plenty food with minimal *ahem* card games. It is our festive tradition to happily stuffed our face silly and whine about it later. I seriously think I overdid it this time because I cannot remember the last time I was this full and this is already the third day of CNY *head hangs in shame*

What? Bali in bikini? *vomits blood*

Like everyone else, I am crossing my fingers for a prosperous year. Though the Chinese horoscope is never accurate (I did not get a big sum of money as mentioned in last year’s horoscope *sticks tongue out* ) or in my (and everyone else under the Horse sign) favor this year, I will keep my head up high and rough it out. Like what other choice do I have kan? *rolls eyes*

When everyone else was celebrating CNY joyfully, I got freaked out with the sad and upsetting programs my family was watching. I told myself this can’t be the way to celebrate the occasion and I cannot stop thinking about it. So I had NO choice but to see it as a sign from the universe or I’ll go crazy.

No matter what your situation is, other people have gone through the same circumstances if not worse. Take it as a challenge and rise above the problem.

Life is about respecting your elders and taking care of your children. Other things are secondary.

So people, considered yourself warned as I will CONSTANTLY repeat the above besides my current magic phrase “This too shall pass”.

Stubborn people like me do need the endless reminders.


eSKay said...

ya.. eat eat eat...

at least u cant remember the last time u were that full...

me... i cant remember the last time i was not full..

damn.. bikini @ bali.. VOMIT INTESTINE.. hahahha

vsk said...

wahh bervomit vomit u all here ah...
bali is just the next couple of months.. dont forget SK belum renew passport.. and.... itu la.. sia lupa sudah apa mau cakap tadi...

angelicbug said...

tu larr... every time lepas makan, i'll think of Bali, then stress then makan again. mcm mana tu?

i also belum renew passport lagi. but now we can do it on sundays kan?