Friday, January 16, 2009

long overdue

One of my many resolution this year is to blog every day.
BUT my penyakit malas (LAZINESS) is back with a vengeance.

It’s already the 13th and I just got like what, two or three entries only? Will it still count if I have 365 entries by 31 Dec 2009?

Will it?

For someone who doesn’t like surprises, I am full of it. Some days, I don’t even/understand what is up with me. *shakes head in disbelief* There are days when I can’t believe what came out of my mouth and other days when I can’t believe what didn’t came out of my mouth.

Maybe I have some split personality disorder kan? *sighs*
Will you guys still love me if I am all cuckoo and psychotic? *whistles*

As the New Year slowly unfolds itself, I cannot but help but to wonder how long more before that silly rainbow will make an appearance and worse, what if the “happily ever after” is just a myth. Don’t worry. I have not given up hope. Optimism is the only thing I have and I’m definitely holding on to it tightly and I will fight those who want to take it away for me. *does karate chops*

OMG. It’s already the 16th and this entry is taking forever to finish. Sorry peeps.

So… life is like a roller coaster ride bla bla bla.

Let’s talk about something more interesting larr kan?

If you don’t know me, I dislike wholeheartedly this whole reality shows and what not. I’d cringe and whine when watching the auditions for any of those singing competitions. I don’t know what possessed some of them to even try. Worse when there are those contestants who thinks they are the greatest thing walking on earth. *rolls eyes*

Lock me in a room and make me watch those auditions would be the perfect torture plot for me. *shudders*

After 8 years, one would think people would grasp the concept of the competition but I guess the idea of having your life changed overnight is too much to resist. It is sad to see people’s dreams crushed within minutes with the whole world watching and laughing.

One thing I like about this year is that they show more good talents than the bad ones. I noticed because I only had to close my ears a couple of times. *LOL*

So will I change my mind and follow the show religiously? Let’s give it another two more weeks. *winks*

One more thing, think happy thoughts people. Many the world can become a happier place.

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