Monday, December 08, 2008

emergency numbers

I learned so many new things about people yesterday, I worry.
*LOL* Like I said before and definitely will say over and over again, they are old enough to know what is best for themselves.

So I finally watch P.S. I Love You. I know, I know. It was last year’s movie blah blah blah. It’s difficult for me to ask anyone out for a movie because they would need to pick me up and all so I can only wait for an invitation. Sad kan? Well, at least I am more determined to overcome my idiotic phobia and get myself a driving license. That or start a petition for the local government to improve the public transportation system.


I haven’t cried that much from watching a movie since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. *whistles* I cried from the beginning to the end of the movie. My eyes are still swollen this morning. Even my son was worried to see me at that state. *chuckles*

I don’t know why and I cannot explain the emotion. I blame it on the festive season. It always makes me mushy and a little psychotic.

I am almost done with my Christmas present shopping. This year’s mini theme is: fashion, apart from the annual Practicality theme of course. Next is to hunt for Ekiel’s Christmas getup and school stuff. *sniffs* My baby is starting school next year. It feels like it was only yesterday when I peed on the pregnancy test stick. *sighs*

I also just read the papers about an emergency situation where the public did not know who to contact for help. I am troubled by the article and don’t understand how that can happen. Many kids around the globe had helped saved lives because they know who to call in case of emergencies. I never had to call the emergency number BUT I imagine even if I called the fire dept instead of the police dept, I BELIEVE I would be directed to the right channel no? So why didn’t they try to call any emergency number at all?

Was the press misinformed about the situation? The whole thing is just so wrong.

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