Saturday, May 01, 2010

new world

When Ekiel told me he wants to move to another world because this one is rotten, I cannot help but to wonder if he has learned this weird thinking from me. I have many times wish out loud that I could move to the moon for many many reasons and lately it involves people whose life mission is to make mine terrible.

Although Ekiel will only turn five this 23rd, I have been exposing Ekiel to the sad things that is happening around us. Like when we watch news and I would explain to Ekiel about those unfortunate people and emphasize how blessed he is. Yes, I also gave the somewhat same “kids in Africa died because they have nothing to eat and here you are wasting your food and being very fussy about what you eat” speech my mom gave me while I was growing up.

I worry about my son’s stubborn, selfish and egoistic attitude. Although I notice he behaves better in school, at home he is a little monster. Ask my neighbor, I bet they can already imitate my high-pitched nagging, which Ekiel complains “Mommy, you’re giving me a headache!” He sometimes protests that other kids do it as well, but I told him that if his friends eat boogers, will he eat boogers as well? Don’t ask me why this metaphor but it seems to work better than jumping off the bridge speech my mom is famous for.

I don’t know if this is the right or even appropriate way. However, I must admit that my mom’s 32 years of nagging has somewhat become my voice of conscious. Especially, the friends jumping off the bridge thingy.

So Ezekiel Isaiah Stephen, unless you change, get use to the nagging. If you want to move to a new world, then go to school, do your homework and study hard. You can be the first scientist to find a new world for you and your mommy to stay away from crazy crazy people. If you want to, of course. No, this is not an attempt to stop you from being the world champion F1 driver. *whistles*

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