Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday morning

When people starts talking about karma, I’ll nod my head in understanding and most time wonder if that person is even listening to themselves. What goes around comes around surely but there are those who make other people’s life a living hell but for some twisted reasons, are spared from the whole karma system. I may not know ALL their sufferings and what not, but COME ON, just because someone said the obvious about your idiotic behavior, you cannot be pulling the “I don’t know what I did to them to deserve this” card on me.

That is always the case no?

I wish I can explain to my son how the life works because as a 32 year old, I still haven’t gotten a clue.

Life is like one of those reality shows. A contestant performs poorly every week but is still in the competition while the outstanding ones are voted off. I can put up with contestants who are humble and is willing to accept the harsh criticism from the judges but most of them have serious attitude problem which is a BIG turn off. So do not be surprised to hear me chanting certain names during elimination night.

Anyway, I am happy to share that Ekiel has recovered from his cough. Lucky thing I didn’t listen to the idiotic doctor kan?

People like that should not be given the responsibility to care for someone’s life.

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