Monday, May 18, 2009


My bones are aching no thanks to this crazy air-cond.

Last Saturday, during the homily, something that really struck me. Struck me hard.
“Love One Another”.

A simple phrase and yet so difficult to do.

He also explained the meaning of LOVE. I may get it wrong because my memory isn’t so great these days.

L stands for Live or was it Life? Love is to live or was it Love is life? Hee.

O stands for Ongoing. Love lasts forever.

V stands for Visible. Love needs to be shown.

E stands for Everything. Love everything.

There are three types of love we do not want:

I love you because (you are pretty)
I love you if (you do this for me)

I (have no choice but to) love you

The one love that we all should look for is
I love you in spite…

It was beautifully phrased I assure you.

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