Thursday, May 14, 2009

another hot hot day

Life is funny indeed.

I was watching the True.Life on MTV and I could not help but to be pissed. A 21 year old chick is in love with a 21 year old boy who’s in love with her and another chick. The best thing is; the guy expects both girls to be okay with it.

I so wanted to throw my cheap heels at that idiotic boy.
At 21, I doubt the head on his neck is doing the thinking.

I know there are many polygamy marriages out there, and I know some women are able to accept that.
I salute these women.

As for myself, I could not imagine myself in that position. If a guy were to tell me he’s in love with me and someone else, I’d wish him all the happiness in the world with the other chick and walk away forever.

Nay, I don’t think I’ll be that “graceful” too. *LOL* However, the one thing I learned from my public outburst the other day was; it is not worth it.

I know it’s difficult to get a decent man these days, but that doesn’t mean I have to share with another woman right?

By the way, I find it strange when men asked me “Have you ever been in a relationship?” and “Don’t you like men?” just because I told them I’m single. *LOL* *wipes laughing tears*

So funny. *sighs*

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