Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ekiel & Mother's Day

The weather is still freaking hot.

I sometimes wonder if I would ever reach the breaking point. When I heard about a friend who broke down and did something totally stupid, I wonder if I would do the same if I were in her shoes. But I can only hope I would continue to be sensible and strong should I ever be in that circumstance.

And it is things like these that make people stay FAR away from relationship/marriage. Kan?
Why ah?

Let’s talk about something that is less depressing.

Ekiel will turn four in 2 weeks time. From the previous pics, I am sure everyone noticed how big he is now. He surprised me sometimes with his wit, which I like to think he got it from me. *grins*

Ekiel: I am old already.
My sister: How old are you?
Ekiel: 24 years old.

He hardly has tantrums these days but his stubbornness is still giving me a headache. What Ekiel wants Ekiel must get. Thank goodness he is at the age where he’ll listen to reason. Of course it still pretty much depends on the position on the moon, but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get.

On Mother’s Day, my brother bought my mom a stalk of rose. When Ekiel saw the rose he got really upset because he didn’t have anything to give to my mom. So my sister helped him to cut out paper flower which Ekiel coloured and taped it to a straw, like a real flower. He was so proud when he gave it to my mom.

When I got home and heard the story,

Me: Ekiel, where’s mommy’s flower?
Ekiel: (took my mom’s paper flower) Nah, must share share ah
Me: I don’t this one. This one is for Mama. Not me. Why you give Mama flower?
Ekiel: Because it’s Mama’s birthday (and sang Happy Birthday to Mama)
KT: Today’s Mother’s Day la. Which one is your mother?
Ekiel: This one (points at my mom)
KT: Then, when Mommy’s Day?
Ekiel: Don’t know.

Ekiel did give me a paper flower he made in school but he did not understand the significance of it yet. He just shoved the thing to me. *sighs*
Luckily the whole episode was kinda comel, otherwise I marah this.

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