Saturday, July 12, 2008

not a good idea after all...

My boredom brings me heartache sometimes.

I am in that state where everything bores me. It’s not like I have nothing better to do. Between my assignments, work, Ekiel, my so-called social life and Lala Land, I am worn-out. I guess what is really missing in my life is EXCITE.MEN.T. You know that something for me to look forward to. Something that is bigger than my KL trip. Something that is smaller than my need to find world peace.

Maybe I just need a new haircut.

My hair has always been the casualty when I am in one of my “bored” phase. I can just wake up one day and decide to cut my waist-length hair to below the ear style. Do I regret about it later? Trust me when I say I had many of those bad hair tragedies.

People laughed and made fun of my hair. I was upset BUT I am a firm believer not to regret the decisions I make. I just live with it and send out a memo in Lala Land, never to do it again.

You think I would learn my lesson by now and get a hobby instead whenever I have the urge to do something crazy. But NnnooooOO… *sigh*

After I did my rebonding treatment the other day, I chopped off 4 inches of my hair because it was too long. I didn’t like the new hairdo. I feel ol-der and bo-ring.

Few nights ago I saw The Devil Wears Prada again on HBO. I LOVE Anne Hathaway’s bangs! I have thought about getting the same hair cut since the movie was out but I never had the nerve to do it. Isn’t it the rule of thumb, not to have bangs when your face is rounder than the moon?

the cause of my depression

Oh… the temptation is great. It taunts me my even in my sleep. Should I? Should I not? Oooh… the dilemma. I did one of that online makeover thingy and decided I didn’t look TOO bad. Showed the picture to a few people and I got mixed responses. My son and my dad didn’t even recognize me.

After yesterday’s drama, I decided to just do it. Made the appointment with the hairstylist, printed a photo of Anne Hathaway’s bangs and off I went.

The hairstylist assured me the bangs would work on me and it is the latest hair trend now. She and a few of the salon staffs were sporting the “bangs look” as well so I took a deep breath and nodded my head too enthusiastically.

An hour later, I walked out of the salon wishing I could grow my hair back instantly. *sighs* There are those few moments when I think my hair didn’t look too bad at all. But most time I unconsciously will try to hide the bangs away. I even tried to clip it with hair pins! *head hangs in shame*

Though there was a pretty lady with gorgeous locks told me she likes my hair and was thinking to do the same but didn’t have the nerve to do it, I still think bangs were never meant for me. I look very different that’s for sure but instead of glamour and looking younger, I feel like I am older with bad hair.

Oh well. At least I know now that I can never have the Anne Hathaway bangs. The problem is now; I am still bored. *bangs head on the wall*

it is done. why is my left eye so obviously small?


eSKay said...

ok bah... looks like ahlien now.. hihihi.. i always want to have that haircut.. but tidak berani.. call me when u r here k...

angelicbug said...

LOL. i do kan look like 101% Chinese.
My son tidak recognize me at first and refused to go anywhere near me.

oh well. it'll grow.

carolchs said...

of cos anne looks better with the bang..shes after all, sdh cantik. but i think the bang makes u look different. not ugly, but different...and for me, different is good. :)