Thursday, July 03, 2008

joke of the week

Hello people.

I survived my first assignment not-so-gracefully. It doesn’t matter. At least I’ve submitted it. I am imagining a C for it, *sighs*. Oh well, my own fault for doing it last minute. I have another assignment to submit by Saturday. Then two months before the next assignments. What did I get myself into?

Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and not repeat my stupidity.

*Hmmm* Excitement is a very big word in my dictionary these days. This surely explains why it doesn’t happen very often. These days I only battle against insanity and my only comfort is my son’s company and the idiot box. I sometimes wonder if this is it.

A friend of mine who celebrated her birthday the other day (a big shout out to her!) received three bouquets of flowers. *wah* I couldn’t remember the last time I received something like. It must have been many Jurassic era ago. So sad oh kan? But really, is this it?

I was on my replacement off on Monday so I went window-shopping. I couldn’t help myself and bought a nice pair of heels for only RM19.00! *woohoo* When I got home, I realized I have many pair of heels I don’t even need. *hee* Temptation is great. I could use some flats or another pair of working shoe but I find it difficult to find anything I like.

That is always the case no?

We are all looking for something important but are distracted by other irrelevant or unimportant thing.

“I need a sensible working shoe.
Ohhh… stilettos. My feet hurt when I wear it but it looks so damn good. I’m sure the leather will expand (yeah right) so I’ll get in anyway.
I need a sensible working shoe.
What? Sandals for only RM10.00? I must get them.”

It goes on and on.

Sometimes you do find that working shoe but it is not a good fit and yet you still make a full use of it until it’s worn out. Why? For survival of course. You can’t go to work barefooted can you?

You know, I do have a point to make but I’ve lost it between the second paragraph and now.

I think my hormones were running all over the place and my sensitivity level was WAY high.

I finally remembered the last time I received a bouquet of flowers was almost seven years ago. I absentmindedly revealed that fact and that information were used to torment me.

“There was envy in your voice because the last time you received a bouquet of flowers were seven years ago”.

Just bite me.

How is it possible for someone your size to be able to touch your toes while the rest of us couldn’t do it? This shows that the world is fair. You win some. You lose some.

Again bite me.
How can my ‘ability’ to touch my toes justify the workings of this world?
“Because she’s plain and complicated and doomed to eternal kuli-ness, we’ll give her the ability to touch her toes”.

And that people makes the world a better place. *rolls eyes*
Funny no?

But I am always reminded that life isn't that bad after all.

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