Monday, July 07, 2008


It was the best pair of working shoe I have ever worn. Despite the three inch heels, the shoe cuddles my feet and I feel oh so glamorous in it.

A few hours after the working shoe blog, I was almost hysterical. My beloved shoe disappeared. Well, the right-foot one disappeared. *screams hysterically* I was carrying a lot of things when I came home the other day. I thought I’d keep it later but obviously I’ve forgotten about it. The next day it vanished.

I am so upset.

My mom suspected the stray dogs and I’ve been giving the stray dogs the evil eyes since.

Oh well. It is done.
No use crying about it now kan?

Dearest beloved 3 -inch right foot working shoe,
I will always remember you. Disappear in peace my friend.

On a crazy note, maybe the stray dogs didn’t do it on purpose. Maybe the dog was just the medium. The dog stole my shoe so my Prince Charming found it and now he is looking for me. It’s like a new-age Cinderella story. No?

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