Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

Thank goodness for the weekend but I still think Saturday and Sunday is too short to recuperate from the weekday madness.

Monday is a little bit too long.
Patience should come in a bottle or is that what Valium is for?
Maybe I should give them out as this year’s Christmas presents since everyone seems to need a big dosage of it.


The PCA Annual Charity Dinner and Concert was a huge success. Everyone tells me it was the best concert so far. I’ve only attended last year’s concert but I do agree with the rest of them, this year’s event was better.

The ballroom was glamorously decorated with thousands of fairy lights covered with white satin cloth to give a romantic ambience in the ballroom. The Chinese lanterns with the blue lights and the blue roses as the table centerpiece perfected the whole setting. Sorry no pictures because when I got in, the event had already started. Since I had to play host to a group of reporters, the last thing I want to do is to embarrass myself.

The three piece band from The Philippines was great, like usual. The auction of the paintings collected RM73K with the highest bid of RM50K. I know! With RM50K, half of my headaches would be gone. Oh well, it is for a good cause, so *applauds*to the gentleman who bought the painting.

ABBAration was entertaining, though I didn’t think the whole ABBA gimmick was necessary (the guys look like kanak-kanak riang when they did they intro bit). Some of the more sporting audiences were dancing. I wanted to but shy larr with the press and all. Overall, I enjoyed myself though.

On a different topic, I am doing a research on internationally successful Sabahan for our Merdeka gallery. I couldn’t think of anyone else except for Che’nelle and Amber Chia.

So if you know anyone who has made Sabah proud, do let me know as I would love to highlight them in the gallery. Thanks!

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