Saturday, July 22, 2006

hooray hooray! it's saturday!

I have just attended what I think is the world’s quietest Q&A session in a press conference.
The whole thing was boring and the only interesting thing about it was the free lunch. *evil laugh*
Oh, and this funny incident.

The new trainee and I were assigned to register the press/guests that came.
I was on the phone calling those press people who promised to come but never showed up because some minister called them personally to cover another event at another hotel.
So there were few people who walked in at the same time and the other ushers were busy doing something when one of them practically threw his credit card on the table. He later sat down and looked at the new trainee who was obviously confused.

The table we were using was actually the front office for the hotel club lounge (event was held at the Club Lounge). That guy is a regular hotel guest and he didn’t realize there was a function going on. Luckily the COO was there and saw the guest and quickly got one of the ushers who is actually the Guest Service to attend the guest. You should have seen both the trainee’s and the guest’s expression. Wish I had my camera with me.


Can anyone tell me how to stop those automated comments? IT’S ANNOYING. I was so happy thinking someone actually visited my blog and left me something. *Boo hoo*

Thank goodness the weekend is here again. I promise myself extra sleep this weekend and now I just have to persuade my mom to take my son together with them when they go grocery shopping this Sunday. *evil laugh*

Chances are that is SO not going to happen. Nobody wants a hyperactive-can never sit quietly-arms will just grab anything he fancies-baby when go shopping. Although he have not done any minor damages *touch wood*, he has couple of times grabbed one of those stuffed toys and actually try to eat it. The stuffed toys are still in one piece but his saliva is all over them. To those who had picked up salivated stuffed animals in any hypermarkets/shopping complexes, I am sorry. *whistles*

My colleague asked me what I do with my free time. I think and I think. I wish I could give her a more glamorous answer, but I “waste” my free time by not doing anything. I think it is okay because to me free time is a luxury and I so going to enjoy every minute of it. ->I sound as if I am busier than the PM *chuckled*

Truth is there are many things I would LOVE to do. Read a good book, watch a movie, hang out in Starbucks/with friends, go for massages/facials, but I can’t afford all that now. *sigh* So I’ll just pamper myself with DIY facials, watch TV, writing nonsense or just let my imagination go crazy. It’s not that bad. We just have to look at the bright side. Facial or 3 weeks of baby formula? Not so hard to decide kan?

Things are just not cheap these days. My friend and I wanted to go out and party a little but none of us drives. I am so used to KL public transport I told her we could get a cab. When she told me there would be additional charges of RM30 (additional!), I nearly had a heart attack. What? That is equivalent to 2 drinks! Besides, my place from that club is only like 15-20 minutes away.

Oh well, maybe I will just party at home. Blast the MTV loud, get myself a Big Gulp & a stirred not shaken baby formula for my son and shake our booty until his bed time. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, it’s who you’re with that counts.

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