Saturday, August 26, 2006


My son is still refusing to walk. He would take a couple of steps and looks at you for compliments. So very the minta puji. I admit there are times when he is a brat but most times he is simply loveable.

Story 1: My son was doodling on a piece of paper with a blunt pencil. I absentmindedly told him "Ekiel, draw mommy’s face". He looked at me, came over, holds my shoulder and started drawing ON MY FACE. *sigh* It was painful and embarrassing because my sisters were laughing at me.
Moral of the story: BE SPECIFIC

Story 2: It was midnight and my son refuses to sleep. He found a scientific calculator and used it to knock against the floor. I took the calculator from him and pretend to hide it under the mattress. What my son doesn’t know is I have actually given the calculator to my sister. Ekiel is so determined to have the calculator back actually tried to lift the mattress (he managed to lift it a little) and look for the calculator. When he became tired, he made me (by pushing, pulling, pinching me) lift the mattress for him while he continued the search. He became upset and started screaming and my mom came to comfort him because according to my mom it’s already midnight and she didn’t want the neighbors to call the police.
Moral of the story: NEVER GIVE UP

That’s my boy.
Despite all that, I believe he is actually observant and sensitive about the emotions of people around him.
I was having a tough day. I asked him if he wanted to come up to the room with me and he refused. So I went to have some time alone and clear my head. Not long after that my brother sent him to the room. I kept quiet and let him play on his own. Suddenly he came to me and said "Mommy. Nenen (bottle)". That was the first time he called me mommy. I immediately forgotten about my bad day and made his bottle. I talked to him about my feelings and the things I wish I could give to him. He finished he bottle and was playing on his own. He then again did something unexpected. He came to me and said "Mommy". He smiled, laughed and kissed me couple of times without being asked.

From a bad day, that was one of the best and beautiful nights in my life.

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