Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday almost over... *yay*

I am now certain that someone or something have been messing my work table. *rolls eyes*

Very shitty indeed.

I dislike this week passionately and the saddest thing is it is only Thursday. *bang heads on keyboard*

I am so going to do my happy dance after I punch out from work tomorrow. After 7.00pm that is.

*stares at the clock hoping it would go faster*

This stupid cough and the so-called flu still won’t go away. *sighs* With the long weekend, I think I’ll just stay at home and try to recuperate. Hopefully I’ll feel better on Sunday for that picnic thingy with people from work. *half heartedly woohoo* I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good weather but with all the heart breaking incidents this week, I doubt anything will happen MY way.

My son is so excited to fly the bug kite thingy I bought from Bali. Hopefully I’ll remember to buy the appropriate string for it. Can’t we use the ordinary thread kah? Tali rafia kah? I also hope the thing would fly or I would not hear the end of it from him.

I worry that boy would have a bright future in law or politics.

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Cherish Tulips said...

enjoy your kite flying..hopefully tidak hujan!