Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Last weekend's post

It was Christmas in “Las Vegas” last week. *sighs* I SO miss Christmas.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for one of the best Christmas this year. Not only for me, but for the whole clan as well. The family weekend celebration project is still not progressing. Well, at least the I’ve rolled the ball a bit. The rest, well, I will figure them out one of these days.

In last week’s episode, Mike passed out and was visited by the Past, Present and Future Angels which made me think how cool it would be to be visited by Future Angel so I could do what is right.

I know they don’t exist but I wonder if they do come to visit me, what would they show me…
My first recollection of Christmas was the children’s party at my dad’s office. Sadly, all I could remember were blur glimpses of people, going up to Santa to collect my present and… that’s it. I don’t even know how old I was.

Those days, the standard number of Christmas presents we’ll receive is two; one from the parents and another from an aunt. Sometimes, on a good year, we’ll get extra from an uncle, friends or family friends under our very colorful and ancient 4’ Christmas tree.

Somehow, the number of presents received wasn’t really a big deal.

Christmas in KL was spent with dinner with friends and a lot of drinking. I was infatuated with the whole idea of Christmas that we bought our very own Christmas tree and at night, we would switch on the fairy lights and listen to Christmas carols in the dark, wishing I was at home and having the “Hollywood” Christmas.

In recent years, the number of Christmas presents quadrupled under our new 6’ Christmas tree. I am still in love with Christmas but I realized that Christmas is all about family, which includes a lot of makan!

My favorite part is the exchanging gift on 24th night after Christmas midnight mass and opening Christmas present on 25th morning. Everyone would take their sweet time to savor the presents. Each cellophane tape is carefully peeled, not wanting to damage the wrapping paper! The only person who’ll ripped the wrappings is of course Ekiel with his face lit up knowing that this is the only time in a year where he’ll get new toys!

Then everyone will put on or show off all the presents for picture session! Once all the wrappers are cleared, I feel that sharp pain in my chest. I miss Christmas again. On a Christmas day. Or is that just me?

For Christmas future, I wish the family would grow with more children to keep the Christmas “excitement” alive. I also hope that the tradition we started would continue to keep the family together with lots of joy, love and blessings.

OMG. I cannot wait for Christmas. I taught my son “I saw Mommy” with much difficulty. He was so jealous of Santa. After long explanation, he finally understands that it is only a song.

Hee. I can imagine him kicking Santa’s backside if he sees me kissing Santa.
Yeah right. Me kissing Santa.

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