Sunday, September 20, 2009

Men, do help

Men and women are created to complement each other.

This is why men are given the extra physical strength so they could do all the heavy lifting while women are blessed with the inner strength to experience child birth.

For this reason, whenever I see this “balance” disturbed, I’ll automatically roll my eyes in disappointment.

I was standing outside a supermarket about a week ago while waiting for our Ramly burger, which by the way was a big disappointment, I saw a family (dad, mom and a boy about Ekiel’s age) walking out. The dad led the way with a small plastic bag of bar soaps and toothpaste on one hand and a ciggie on the other. About three steps behind him was the mom who was carrying a bigger plastic with a packet of powdered detergent and a bottle of fabric softener on one hand with the boy in the other who was also carrying a small plastic bag on his own.

I sure hope the dad at least offered to carry the heavier item, if he didn’t, well shame on him. Dragging a four year old is “adventurous” and to do that while balancing heavy stuffs on one head is no easy feat, I’ve almost tripped, actually tripped with bags/plastic bags flying thanks to that boy of mine.

I am blessed. Unless I am alone, most male family member/friends I know would offer to carry my things minus the handbag of course. If they don’t, I’ll make them carry it anyway.

And don’t give me the independent women should be doing everything on their own speech. If life was really equal, men would also experience the joy of PMS-ing and child birth, don’t you think?

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