Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I 100% Malaysian

Someone really needs to explain to me, in detail, the definition of “Malaysian”. I somehow managed to get myself confused and the introduction of 1Malaysia is not helping either. I meant that in the nicest way of course.

So before I continue, I must stress that I do not find the whole thing offensive whatsoever. I do find it amusing because this is reality and, that only people from this part of the country would appreciate the significance and the appropriateness of the word “Malaysian”.

I was watching Proton’s ad (for more Proton’s TVC, click here) last night. It was a scene at the Pasar Malam. A Malay guy was waiting for his rojak when a Chinese and an Indian guy approached him. Surprised? Nay, it was very expected.

IG: You already rojak right? Why you’re eating rojak somemore?
MG: Eh, where I got rojak? I 100% Malaysian. My wife rojak. 50% Greek, 50% Kadazan-Dusun/Lotud.

If you do not watch the whole series, you may go, “heh?” like I did.

I get the message. A good rojak is the combination of many ingredients and the advertiser cleverly used it as a reference of the people of Malaysia. Proton uses rojak, Maybank uses ABC. Nice.

The “100% Malaysian” statement made me chuckled. Let’s pretend the 50% Greek do not reside in Malaysia. But what about the other 50%? The Kadazan-Dusun/Lotud? Where do they come from? Planet “Dan Lain-lain”?

I rather like the idea of “Dan Ramai-ramai” though.

This is why I said it is funny because this is so very the “how long have you’ve been in Malaysia?” drama I had to face when I was in KL.

What is “Malaysian”?
According to Wordnetweb, “Malaysian” is the native or inhabitant of Malaysia.

The Sabahan and the Sarawakian are the citizens of Malaysia, so aren’t we 100% Malaysian too? My Eurasian friends call themselves “Malaysian” as well because that is what stated in their identity card. And that is written on my identity card and I am half 50% Chinese, 25% Sungai and 25% Dusun, which I just found out last night.

We learn something new every day don’t we?

We are all so crazy about being “politically correct” about almost everything, so why aren’t we with the word “Malaysian”?

Like I said, watching that particular ad on its own made me go, “Oh well, another ignorant!’ but after watching the whole series on the internet, I realised this is very “Malaysian” after all.

However, it is time for change people. If we want 1Malaysia to happen, this would be a good start.

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