Saturday, September 05, 2009

happy days

I am happy. Extremely happy.
This is rainbow.

Sister5: Ekiel go ask papa money to buy bread
Ekiel: Papa, minta money!!! (went out the door to the van that sells bread outside my house with Sister 3 already waiting for him)
Ekiel: (Running into the house) Pizza Hut! Special delivery (while holding a pizza bun with a very happy face)
Me: Eh, what you buy Ekiel? Where’s the bread?
Ekiel: ….
Me: Cat, where’s the bread?
Sister 3: How do I know. He said buy pizza.
Me: Ekiel! Why you buy pizza? You’re supposed to buy bread!
Ekiel: (shy already coz everyone was laughing at him) *cry cry cry* Mommy jahat!

No, I didn’t make him return the pizza for bread. *LOL*

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