Tuesday, August 25, 2009

age is just a number

Sparks do die, whether we like it or not.
Should one pour kerosene to keep the sparks alive, I seriously do not know because the thought of getting burned is scary not to mention painful.

I’ve said this again and again.
Matters of the heart are complicated.
My only advice is; do what makes you happy.

To make you more confused, how sure are you the things that you think will make you happy will make you happy? *evil laugh*

With that said, all the best my friend.

Does age difference matter in a relationship?

This seems to be a popular question these days. First an acquaintance of mine married a guy seven years her junior. Then I bumped into a couple where the wife looks young enough to be his younger daughter. I could not help but to stare at the odd couple. *head hangs in shame* I should have better self-control.

Personally, when I was much more na├»ve and *ahem* hopeful, I always think it was alright to be with someone who is younger. In fact, I used to. Date. Younger men. If people were to ask what’s the perfect age differences I’d say three years younger/older. Anything more makes me uncomfortable.

Then I found out Santa Claus doesn’t exist so the age differences requirement increased. 5 years. 5 years is good enough.

Then I realized “Happily Ever After” doesn’t come with a manual, I got lost control of the age differences regulator and now it doesn’t work anymore. However, that does not mean anything goes.

I imagine a relationship like that would need more effort kan?

Age gap implies differences in opinions, taste, mindset and even lifestyle. How do you get along when you don’t share the same beliefs and way of life?

What is the attraction in the first place? Ahh… the million-dollar question. It could be a lot of things, I’m sure but the most popular one will definitely the declaration of love.

Will love really conquer all?

I am not a skeptic but I believe a relationship needs more than the wishful thinking of two people intoxicated with passion and desire.

So does it matter?
I don’t think so. As long you’re committed to make the relationship work, okaylarr tu. Like people say, age is just a number, so why blame the number when it doesn’t work?

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