Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August Vacation pt 2

8th Aug
Today is the day! We will be driving to Cherating shortly. *woohoo* I am all packed and ready to go.
The journey was good. We got lost but managed to find our way to the resort. Some people just do not have the sense of direction even with maps and signboards. Hee. A little patience would be very useful when you’re lost. It will help you think clearer.

When we got here, a sweet foreign lady greeted us with the ‘Cuti-cuti Malaysia’ song blasting from the speaker. I couldn’t tell where she was from and I think the welcoming song gimmick was cute.

I noticed there are a lot of good-looking foreigners working here. What a joy to be able to drool over all these delicious guys. I wish I were ten years younger so I could shamelessly flirt with some of them. *sighs* Club Med Cherating is gorgeous. Though the building was a little old, the sand was golden and the sea was greenish blue. With so many foreigners, you would think you’re in a different country.

The room is cozy. I had all the room to myself, which was great. It has been a while since I had that much of privacy.

There are plenty of activities available here, but like I said in my previous entry, I am here to pig out and do nothing. We went to the beach and dozed off for a while. The wind was cooling and it was so peaceful I just sit there and let my mind wander off.

The buffet was okay. There’s a wide selection of food to choose from. From Chinese, to Indian, to pastas, etc. Did I mention there’s free flow of liquor available too? *grins* I am not going to get myself drunk. Not all the time anyway. I do not need a hangover to ruin my vacation.

9th Aug
There was a trapeze show just now. One of the circus member was hot even in his ugly tights. Not sure what’s his name is but I do know he is from Australia.

The emcee talks funny. Well, his slang was so thick it was a little difficult to understand what he was saying. He was saying "Summershall. Summershall". Heh? Then I realized he was actually saying somersault. *LOL* It was interesting but I have seen a more elaborate performance than that.

We then headed for the bar for a drink. We sat at the couches and watch other people embarrass themselves by dancing weirdly. There was this boy about ten years old who was doing the ‘cutting the grass’ move. So cute.
I haven’t had a good night sleep like last night for ages! I had to drag myself out of bed, dressed and made sure my sisters are awake too. Of course that didn’t happened.

Breakfast was so-so. After my two sisters debating what to do, I am back in the room to continue my beauty sleep.
I woke up for lunch. After lunch the second sister and I decided to go to the beach again while the other forth sister disappeared. My second sister wanted to tan herself but I ended up with a tan instead. So unfair. I used to think that people who went sunbathing were crazy but now I have learned to enjoy the feeling of my skin burn under the hot sun. After a few hours, we went back to the bar to get ourselves some drink. I don’t know what was inside the last drink but my tummy didn’t feel so good.

I tried archery for the fun of it. I can’t quit my job and do it professionally, but it was quite fun. Once you passed the whole awkwardness holding the bow and learning to aim properly. I think it was my second attempt when I injured my hand. I was holding the bow too close (as per my forth sister’s observation) when the string (?) hit my arm. It must have hit a nerve because my whole left hand is in pain.

10th Aug
I wasted my night by being sick. I had diarrhea and was throwing up the whole night. It started after I got dressed for dinner. My sisters went to get me and insisted that I go for dinner saying my stomachache was not a big deal. By the time I got to the restaurant, I was having cold sweats and my tummy was like a blender. All the smell from the food made me nauseous and I had to run back to room and throw up.

My sister came and gave me 100 plus because it will help my stomach. I did feel better but it didn’t stop me from going to the bathroom again and again throughout the night.

This morning, I dragged myself out from bed to wake my sisters for breakfast. I only manage a glass of milk and a glass of seven-up. My sisters told me they had a great time last night. Good for them.

We went to back to the beach but I needed my new best friend, the bathroom and so here I am. All packed and ready to go back to KL.

After we checked out, we went to the bar and waited for lunch. I was still feeling a little sick so I sat on the couch with a book while my sisters tried on the saree. We had lunch and my sister drove us back. We managed not to get lost this time. Hee.

Before we went back to my second sister’s apartment, we stopped by a shopping mall to get a couple of things. I know I was unwell, but I couldn’t resist it. I know it’s not good for my tummy but I had this huge craving for Nasi Lemak but my favorite stalls sold out all their Nasi Lemak. I am sad I had to settle for a lousy soup. *ughhh*

12th Aug
I took revenge for the lousy food I had last night and overdosed. I don’t think I’ll be eating chicken anytime soon. This morning was another day of shopping. I managed to find few things for Ekiel. I bought him his first pink t-shirt. I debated the pros and cons about buying the t-shirt but I think it’s okay for a two-year old boy to have a pink t-shirt. I don’t want people to accuse me of confusing my kid with his sexuality (there are people who mistaken him for a girl). But I think it takes a confident man to wear a pink t-shirt and still looks hot.

Confidence is a good thing.

I need to have a daughter/baby niece so I could dress her up like a princess just like I saw today.
Today I overdosed on sambal but it was GOOD. Did some last minute shopping and I found this cute green colored pajama with frogs printed all over them. My sister said it looked gross but what does she know.

The flight back was bumpy because of the weather but I was so tired, I managed to doze off for a while. Thank goodness no nose picking guy in that flight!

Home sweet home. Everyone loved his or her gifts. Ekiel loved his sport car the most. Second is the golf set. I know Ekiel misses me by clinging/kissing/hugging me all night. He has grown taller and lost some weight. My mom cut his fringe and he now looks like Goofy. I don’t why but he does.

I hate unpacking so I will do that later.
Now I need to go and dream of my next vacation.

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