Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue-ish Monday

We are very careful when feeding my son with anything that contains sugar. But lately I swear my son has a secret stash somewhere because he super-active and super uncontrollable. He cannot sit still and is very VERY physical.

Last Saturday, I almost had a heart attack in church. My son was being difficult that day and got really restless so I took him outside. The moment I let him go he started running. He ran to the main door but I managed to catch up with him. The he ran the other direction and went in through one of the side door. He continued running to the middle of the church and that’s when my heart stopped. All I could say was "OMG. OMG" under my breath. I wanted to disappear because everyone is staring at me disapprovingly. Thank goodness he made a left turn and continued running.

But seriously, do you really think I would let Ekiel run around on purpose?

These days he is so damn difficult to control. He’s only two but his stubbornness is beyond me. I have never even seen this much of determination in a grown up man.

The other day he spat on me (I do not know where he picked up this habit!) when I made him give me a kiss. I believe in discipline so I told him to apologize or I will lock him outside with the MoMo (boogeyman). For 30 minutes I held him closely while threatening to leave him outside and he just refused to say "Sorry". He usually says it when you prompt him but that didn’t work that day.

I got tired and let him go. He ran inside the house and went hiding. The funny thing was, when I held him tightly, he asked my mom, my dad and my sisters to help him. When that didn’t work, he said he is afraid. When I still won’t give in, he pretended to be in pain. I asked him where does it hurt, he said it’s his tummy and his mouth. Heh? I really don’t know where he picked up all this tricks.

Like the other day in the car. My sister was speeding when she suddenly brakes because the car in front suddenly stops in the middle of the road. We didn’t hit the front car but the impact from the brake did shaken us (me at least) a bit. Then my son looked and my sister and said "Jangan laju-laju" (Don’t drive too fast).
He’s growing up too fast.

On a different note, work sucks. No matter how often I sing my happy songs in my head, I still feel shitty. These people are like the Death Eater. They suck the happiness out of other people. So bloody mean.

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