Saturday, October 15, 2011


I know it is silly but I do not what to do tomorrow. I want to go out and enjoy the great big outdoor, but when I think about the Sunday crowd and the unpredictable weather, the usual Sunday sleeping-in indulgence is more, appealing.

Maybe I should go karaoke with Ekiel.
But that’ll be a problem because he doesn’t know how to read, which means he’ll get bored and with his attention span of a monkey, he’ll want to leave. And if we don’t leave fast enough, he’ll start whining and becomes annoying.

He rather we do anything water but his mommy does not want to get burn this weekend. Got a function next weekend and I do not intend on going with my skin peeling miserably. *whistles*

Anyway, back on the karaoke. I was browsing one of the local family-friendly karaoke centres for their rates. It looked kinda cool, until I read their menu. Apparently they serve ‘delusional cousins of Malay, Chinese and Indians’. *ROFL*

This is not a joke people. Google it.

Here I am worried about my grammar, and some people just blindly upload their REALLY wrong copy for the whole world to make fun see.

Maybe I should stop worrying so much despite what the ‘buffalo wing’ and ‘apfelstrudel’ said.

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