Thursday, August 14, 2008

i wish it is saturday already

It’s like me teaching a bunch of 10 year olds Physics.

Yes, I am exaggerating but if you were there, you would think exactly the same thing.

Why are men so “dramatic” when in crisis?

I watched three grown men debating and arguing about a problem that in my opinion is not a big issue. Each man tried to outshine each other with a solution that will never work and left the discussion unresolved like usual.

However, when there is a REAL situation, nobody wants to get involved.

Why do men ALWAYS do that?

*tsk tsk tsk*

I know I complain and whine about a lot of things. People told me to say it out loud. “Do not be afraid” they said. If it’s that simple, life would be so much easier not only for me but for everyone else. You see, I know bringing it up will NEVER solve any problem. So I keep my mouth shut and my only channel of relieve is to bitch about it over coffee or alcohol, depending on the position of the moon.

Today, I was pushed to the edge. I was pissed. Big time. I’ve told them what I think the first time and obviously it didn’t go through their head. He repeatedly questioned me about what I think and what I want. So I told him (almost) everything. My grievances. My frustration. The outcome? It was A BLOODY WASTE OF TIME. Instead of empathy I was given the “You think you got it bad? I got it worse” speech.

Didn’t I make myself clear or is he simply refusing to listen to what I have to say? Towards the end of the meeting, I wanted to laugh myself silly for believing things could change. Shame on me for being so “naïve”.

Oh well, one can hope right?

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