Tuesday, August 19, 2008

big foot

Who wants to pay for my feet plastic surgery?

See, I love my feet. Despite the depending on weather size 8/9/10, they never fail to carry me through good and bad times despite the constant shoving into a much-too-tight-but-it-looks-so-sexy heels.

However, since the demise of my favorite/perfect working shoe, I never found the perfect pair again. Every pair of shoe that I like is either too small or too tight. The problem is not the length of my feet it’s the metatarsus <- had to google for this info! (or what I call the width of my foot) *sobs uncontrollably.

Life is so freakin’ unfair.
I can handle the bad hair, or the embarrassing weight gain or even my “panda-eyes”. When it comes to my feet, I take it very personally. I know I sound like a mad woman, but when you’re in my shoes, you’ll weep like a baby too. *sighs*

When will Jimmy Choo design shoes for people like me?

It seems my blog setting has gone cuckoo again. It’s so weird how at this very moment, everything in my life is messed up. EVERYTHING. I wish I could just stop time so I could stop and think what I need to be thinking/feeling/doing. This is just one of those days huh?

Last night, I watched the Russian woman pole vaulting champion, Yelena Isinbayeva, broke her own world record during the Olympics. When she failed her first two attempts, my family rooted for her. Honestly, my heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t bear to watch her final attempt.

But as she glides across the pole, the whole world (okay, the whole stadium and everyone else watching it on TV but you get what I mean) cheered for her. Then it hit me. The WHOLE WORLD, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, color, shape, etc, cheered for her together as one.

I imagine when the whole world finally learned to accept each other differences, it would feel exactly like that moment. That natural high of joy and contentment.

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