Thursday, August 28, 2008

here I am... at 3'oclock in the morning....

It is 3.00am and I am battling between going to Zzz and finishing my assignment.

The obvious choice is to go to bed since I have a shooting to look after tomorrow (this means I will have to be on my feet the half of the day, following them around like I have nothing better to do). However, my fear is in-charge now and it tells me to finish the assignment by tonight so I could concentrate on the other assignment, which happens to be a more challenging task. *sighs*

In the midst of my chaos, I still have the time to check out the FREE SEATS offered by the Now Everyone Can Fly Airlines. I SO NEED A HOLIDAY!!! Trying to get the perfect date is a difficult feat but trying to get everyone organized is more difficult. Would it be a bad idea if only two women travel together to a foreign land? I think it would be fun and so much less complicated but the stories you hear about what happened to the other female tourists can be scary.

I need a break not a horrifying adventure. I have enough of those in the office.

With the predictable polling result, almost everyone is excited with the changes that are soon to take place. Honestly, I didn’t even remember the polling so that pretty much sums up my interest in politics. But I must say I am curious to see what will happen and whether the promises made are kept. Based on my experience, “talk is cheap” but someone told me, they need a chance to prove themselves. Very true.

It’ll be interesting to see Labuan returned back to Sabah though.

You know what’s funny, for some weird reason I keep on receiving an email from a particular unknown individual who fights for the rights of the people of his ethnic group. I have no issues about that. It’s just that I find it silly for that person to send me emails that puts other ethnicity in an unfair situation. Like hello? Doesn’t he realise what he is doing? If he can’t even figure that out, how is he supposed to convince me that his fight is right?

Moral of the story is, before you call the kettle black, make sure you’re scrubbed pretty good first.

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