Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Every time I concoct one of my so-called evil plans, I never carry it through.
*head hangs in shame*
Am I scared? I must say I do worry of the consequences.
Am I that lazy? Everyone knows my affair with procrastination. Remember my “Learn A New Language Project”? I rest my case.

I am no saint but honestly, by the time I finish devising the evil plan, my frustration level drops. Of course I will still feel upset but I no longer have the need to be nasty anymore.

This morning, I was |this close| to sending that well-composed email about me not feeling the team spirit and how it sucks not to be told anything especially when it concerns yours truly to all the “necessary” people. In fact I saved it in my thumbdrive when I had to put my mission on hold because I got work to do. When I finally had the time to edit it, I “rolls eyes” *sighs heavily* wish I hit the Jackpot today before I lose my cool and sanity.

So much for my so-called evil plan kan?

Maybe this is why some people DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY.
But why must we be the devil to be noticed?
What happens to “do your best and you will be rewarded accordingly” (or something like that)?
Maybe they should stop teaching that bullshit in school.

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