Friday, August 01, 2008

last week...

Many things are happening at once.

Am I drowning in all this madness? Am I surviving gracefully? I couldn’t tell myself.

Let’s see what happens when I come back from my trip.

You know; if I am still doing what I am supposed to be doing.

My son participated the 7K Run. He ran half way and the other half he cling on to my sister’s back. I was worried they will never make it. I waited at the finishing line and it felt like forever. I was so tempted to call my sister but I know it will only piss her off especially when she has to pick up the call with my son on her back. So I waited and waited.

Ekiel during the run

Finally I saw two familiar figures from far. *claps hand*

at the finishing line

During the Post Run concert, he had a show of his own

Though he was drenched, he was in good spirits and enjoyed himself during the Post Run Concert. He even stayed up late and was still very hyper around midnight.

The next morning, after he woke up, he stood up; his legs started shaking and fell on his butt. Kesian him. He complained that his legs hurt and demanded to be carried around. Call me mean, but I made him walk. Slowly. Every step he takes comes with an “Ooww”. I asked him if he wants to run again, he told me it was still too early for a run. Hee.

I’m sure next year he would want to run/carried around the Run again.

Ekiel gives a thumb up for 7K

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