Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iced milo

My FB stats are just bunch of senseless rambling.
Worst when I am bored.

Rindu cinta baru ku

Who is it you ask?
Iced milo.
I was craving for iced milo and people thought I was in love.

Watched Eat Pray Love the other day.
Makes me miss Bali much and I can’t wait till Feb 2012!

Anyway, the scene with Ketut Liyer reminded me of our meeting during my last trip.
Memorable indeed.

Pak Ketut,
21/2 years have come and go.
I still don’t hear the wedding bells.
Oh well.
Though I may never hear the wedding bells but don’t you worry Pak Ketut, I am still sweeeeet like sugar.

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