Monday, June 28, 2010

Ekiel got GF?

Ekiel: Are you nuts? I am still botak!

Was Ekiel’s reply when my sister pretended to arrange a date for Ekiel and his so-called girlfriend. Yes people, the five year old is in a relationship while the 32 year old has none. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Ekiel used to throw a fit if you associate his name with any girl until recently when Ekiel casually announced that the 6 year old chick (let’s call her E Girl) whom he met twice is his GF. I asked him how they became an item; he just shrugged his shoulder and said it just happened.

They were supposed to meet after the “announcement” but E Girl was not available and Ekiel told me he feels pain. I asked him where, and he pointed to his heart. I don’t know how to react but it is funny and scary too. I told my son the same thing I would tell anyone else, it is okay. Just move on. She stood her up for the second time and Ekiel wasn’t bothered about it at all. Maybe he was distracted with the futsal game. Oh well.

Btw, I am upset my son kena stood up this. How dare that girl break my son’s heart?

To all Ekiel’s future GFs,

Don’t mess with me.
Thank you.

Ekiel’s Mommy.

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm... my heart feels the pain too..