Wednesday, February 13, 2008


30 is the new sweet 16.

The day was like any other day.
To make it special, I’ve put an extra layer of mascara.
And eyeliner.

I spent half the day behind a group of Koreans who were doing advertisement photo shoot at the resort. Half of that time was spent waiting for the model to change her wardrobe and hairstyle. For someone who doesn’t like to wait (though I have the patience for it) it was torturous.

What was supposed to be a three hour photo shoot became a seven hour photo shoot.

The sad thing was I missed my own party that my colleagues organized for me. When I came back, I found a box of cake, a box of pizza and a green colored paperbag on my table. I was touched with the gesture and felt really guilty for making them wait for me but I was came back to the office too late.

At home, my mom cooked my favorite meal and they too bought me a cake. I who only had a cup of coffee the whole day stuffed myself silly. It was a perfect night with non stop messages from friends and people whom I’ve never expected to know.

The only thing that bugged me was Ekiel’s fever. He was his normal cheeky self, but he wasn’t very physical, just verbal. He refused to eat or drink and we had to force the medication down his throat and yet he spits it out like a pro.

I only had a combined 5 hour of sleep for the past two days. I had to drag myself everywhere this morning and thank goodness the shoot is OVER.


Anonymous said...

That was nice of your colleagues to throw you a party.

I see you did have a good birthday yesterday. :)

tsmanta said...

Hey Lala, your number is still the same ka? I sent u a b'day greeting on the 12th. Anyhoos, HAPPY BDAY again....yep, i agree that 30 is the new sweet 16... :P