Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ekiel the Romeo

I taught my son how to play one of those online games (SpongeBob burst-a-bubble, something like that). After telling him twice, he learned how to maneuver his way around with the mouse, of course a few times missing the correct key and left click instead.

I was pretty impressed with his achievement. Of course I am bias because I am the mother. I know many other kids who are more advanced than him. But seeing him to progress like that gives me that proud feeling.

Anyway, I noticed that Ekiel doesn’t like to lose. When he does, he’ll start hitting me and ask me to apologize to SpongeBob for making him (SpongeBob) cry. I admit it is my fault for making him doing it the first time.

Ekiel doesn’t like to share his things too. My sister bought some cookies for him and he refused to share with anyone except me and his aunty who bought him the cookies. I need to tackle this nicely.

He wanted to drink orange juice but I told him he needs to drink some water first. I saw him taking only a sip so I told him to finish his glass of water. He answered me “Ishh… susah…” (So difficult) and shook his head. He finished his water and demanded his juice afterwards.

Yesterday at Church, there was this cute little girl who was trying to get Ekiel’s attention by touching him all the time. Ekiel ignored her but she was persistent. So I told Ekiel to ask the girl her name.

Ek: What’s your name? (In a very bossy way)

The girl ran to her mommy giggling. I wonder how long more I have before Ekiel starts having me screening his fans’ calls or him having a girlfriend. He’s already crushing on my sister’s 16-year old friend. *rolls eyes* Every time you mention the girl’s name, he’ll smile from one ear to the other.

After the mass, I told everyone about Ekiel’s new girlfriend and he started hitting me while smiling sheepishly.

Me: I thought you didn’t like the girl? You didn’t want to entertain her just now
Ek: Don’t be silly mommy (still smiling like a Cheshire cat)

Hee. Maybe that’s how kids these days socialize.

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